Video Game The Basement Collection (PC) (2012)

The Basement Collection (PC) (2012)

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Meat Boy
Meat Boy (2008)
This predecessor of Super Meat Boy (PC) (2010) is fun, but has slightly less fluid controls and without the timer, the incentive to replay a level is gone. The "cutscenes" are also much simpler than now. With that being said, the game is still fun and challenging. I definitely look forward to playing more of Meat Boy and completing it.

Coil (2008)
I completed this game once before, so I had recalled most of the movements to progress. The game as it appears here doesn't seem different in any way.

Triachnid (2006)
While initially this game seemed fun, I unfortunately did not enjoy the first level. The game mechanics seemed too difficult for me to continue playing.

Aether (2008)
I'm just gonna pronounce this like "ether." In any case, this game was too nonlinear for me. Traveling from one planet to the other was sort of fun, but figuring out what to do felt boring. After a couple minutes, I couldn't take any more of the game.

Time Fcuk
Time Fcuk (2009)
This platformer puzzle game is definitely the type of game I enjoy playing. It can be difficult at times, but the challenge is a pleasure. Similar games would be Toki Tori (PC) (2010) and Braid (PC) (2009).

Spewer (2009)
In Spewer, you play as Mindy and the main game mechanics are to intake and expel vomit. As the game progresses, there are pills which change the effect of the vomit being spewed.

In contrast to Time Fcuk, Spewer's storyline is more subtle and lacking. Nevertheless, I definitely enjoyed it.

Grey Matter
Grey Matter (2008)
The image used for Grey Matter on the menu screen freaked me out a bit and almost discouraged me from playing. However, I gave the game a try and found that it was a delightful shooter.

Learning what hurts and what the power-ups do takes a bit of guess and check, but I suppose that's part of the fun. Overall, I really enjoyed this simple shooter.

A.V.G.M. (2009)
Mindless clicking.

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