Video Game Awesomenauts (PC) (2012)

When I first started playing this game, I thought it would be a platformer. Instead, I was surprised to find it was actually a MOBA.

Comfortable with League of Legends, I thought Awesomenauts seemed both less strategic and less complicated of a MOBA than League of Legends. Though to be fair, I had yet to try playing PvP, because I still had a lot of content to unlock. Perhaps, like League of Legends, the PvP battles require a lot more strategy. With that being said, I don't think Awesomenauts will be more fun than League of Legends.

Character Notes:
* Froggy G - None

I don't know when I first played this game, but I resumed leveling up today.

Character Notes:
* Coco - I might have to try her again, but I got a bad first impression from her kit.

Today, I actually played some games against real people. In all the games, I used Leon.

In the first, I played with Michael and Stephanie.

In the next three, Stephanie was busy, so it was just Michael and I. More wins to add to the pool.

Overall, playing real matches is a lot more fun and exciting than playing against A.I. Of course, it helps that I'm getting the hang of the game format.

One reason I like Leon, is that he just pushes towers real fast. I love pushing towers.

Character Notes:
* Leon - Leon has a great push. (I have not, however, used his clone ability yet.)

Today I did some practicing. Playing each champion from Froggy G to Yuri, some more than once. I played against AI and I wanted to get a feel for what each character's moves were. Sometimes, this would include experimenting the extent of the moves. Also knowing what sort of upgrades are available.

Character Notes:
* Lonestar - I like Lonestar's ability to push and manage against the robots. Double-jumping is also nice.
* Clunk - He's a tank. I dislike his low mobility. His bite is quite short ranged and doesn't help in turret pushing.
* Voltar - The tactical use of his drones is advanced. He's great for pushing, as you just span heal. Basically, if you're in a winning position, you'll probably win.
* Gnaw - I think Gnaw is interesting, because he's annoying. Place those weedlings around, do damage over time...
* Skolldir - He's pretty fun. I like his combo move, which takes some skill to land, his hurling, and his buttstomp! Meaning, I really like his whole kit. He reminds me of Riven, I guess cause of the combo punch.
* Yuri - Wow, he's pretty fun, though his flying is a bit tough to manage and he can't kite so you have to commit a bit more to attacks.

More practicing!

Character Notes:
* Raelynn - She's not so fun for me. I don't think her kit has great synergy within itself. It may, however, pair well with some other characters. That is, I don't think its reasonable to set up your slow for your own snipe shot. But I could be wrong...
* Derpl - I see his potential, but he really needs to be with a pusher, because he himself doesn't have a great push. Mastering the switch between his two forms is of course the key to his damage output.
* Vinnie and Spike - I really like how this character can build to assassinate and throw out high bursts. (Assassin)
* Genji - A support player. I like how his moves really turn the tides. 3v3? Nope, successful cocoon means 3v2. Similarly, droids are 2v2, nope 3v1.
* Ayla - Super fun. Kill, kill, kill.
* Admiral Swiggins - He's fun and has potential in certain team comps, but high learning curve. You have to keep track of when you want his anchor or not. Putting it down and using long range for example can be good.

Today I wanted to set up a 3 vs. 3 game with 2 players and an AI on each team. Unfortunately, there were two barriers to achieving this goal. First, the game stupidly required us to go through a tutorial and a match vs. AI. The game even forced me to play the tutorial again, and I've already played it!

To be clear, I believe every game should have some sort of tutorial and/or instruction, but I also believe they should be unobtrusive. With that being said, I've never experience a game whose tutorial was as obtrusive as the current patch of Awesomenauts.

The second barrier was being unable to gather all the players into a custom match; I originally thought it would be easy since we were all on the same network.

Eventually, one of my coworkers gave up and the three of us which remained grouped as a team and queued for an online match.

However, after we were defeated, we decided to switch to playing Counter-Strike Source (2004).

Steam Game Time: 21.2 hours (total game time)

Awesomenauts (PC) (2012)

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