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El Vez

My sister's margarita.
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El Vez Website
El Vez - Market East - Philadelphia, PA (

My dad's order.
After a bunch of Yelping, my family and I decided to go to El Vez.

I enjoy the taste of the shrimp enchilada.

My order. Shrimp enchildas.
Menu Description:
tomato, olives & capers in roasted tomatillo-cilantro sauce

The mahi mahi is crunchy and delicious. What a great soft taco.

My sister's order. Mahi mahi tacos
Menu Description:
red cabbage, avocado, chipotle pepper remoulade

My dish is also delicious, but I like the mahi mahi more.

My mom's order.
I can definitely taste the beets in my mom's dish; the taste is strong. 10:33PM ET

To drink I had a Victory Summer Love.

The drink menu.
On a different note, the restaurant was packed and extremely loud. In that respect, it would be a great place to go and enjoy the lively atmosphere, but a bad place to enjoy a conversation over dinner.

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