Wine 2010 Menhir Albanegra Rosso Salento

2010* Menhir Albanegra Rosso Salento
*While I'm not sure about the wine's vintage, the majority of Google search results are for the 2010 vintage.

I had this wine at a Mediterranean restaurant called Pazo. I wrote: "Albanegra. Menhir Salento. This wine has a nice red smell. It has a smooth, spicy taste. Further trying to describe the wine's smell, I search my vocabulary until thinking of it as deeply fruity. Smelling the wine some more, I begin to think it just has the typical smell of red wine." 7:41PM ET

Website Information:
On 20150127, I did an internet search for this wine and found two sites which seemed to agree (one was in Italian and one was in English).

Albanegra - MENHIR SALENTO - Annata 2010 - 0.75l
Albanegra – Menhir Salento
Rosso Salento IGT
Vitigno: Aleatico, Primitivo e Malvasia
Terreno: media profondità , ad impasto argilloso
Note enologiche e di affinamento: macerazione pre-fermentativa, fermentazione a temperatura controllata
Colore: rosso rubino con riflessi violetto
Gusto: delicato, fresco con retrogusto avvolgente
Bouquet: misterioso, fruttato e speziato, richiama aromi di fragola di bosco, alloro e timo
Affinità gastronomiche: cestini di formaggio pecorino con cicorie selvatiche, gulash alla tedesca, zuppa di verdure, arista con salsa alle mele e prugne, cioccolata fondente e mandorle
Temperatura di servizio: 14°-16°

In this context, the Italian word "annata" means "vintage."

GRAPE VARIETALS: Aleatico, Primitivo and Malvasia
SOIL: shallow clay
WINEMAKING PROCESSES AND REFINING: pre-fermentary maceration, temperature controlled fermentation
COLOUR: ruby-red with a violet tint
TASTE: delicate and fresh, with a subtle aftertaste
BOUQUET: fruity and aromatic with wild strawberries, laurel and thyme
FOOD PAIRING: baskets made from pecorino (sheep's milk cheese) with wild chicory, German goulash, vegetables soup, saddle of pork cooked in a sauce of apples and plums, plain chocolate and almonds

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