Video Game Shank (PC) (2010)

Shank (PC) (2010)

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Wall running.
This is an awesome game. I love the combos that you can do. Some of the basic combos remind me of Alien Hominid (2004). However, the game throws a bunch of other fancy kill combos into the mix.

In addition to the killing, the game has some fun platforming elements, such as wall running and scaling walls with your knives.

One of the satisfying combos consist of jumping on an enemy, knifing him to the ground, and then, with one knife still in the enemy, drawing your gun and shooting other enemies before returning to the one on the ground and dealing him an extra shank.

In any case, if you have played and enjoyed Mark of the Ninja (PC) (2012), then you may also enjoy Shank. Made by the same developers, the two are similarly fun to play. However, while Mark of the Ninja focuses more on stealth and take downs, Shank delivers a straightforward beat-em' up and pure violence.

Overall, most people will probably find Mark of the Ninja more enjoyable, because it has a stronger storyline and less repetitive game mechanics. With that being said, there are times when one just feels like button mashing and watching a good show. For those times, check out Shank.

After pulling the plug on Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action! (2014), my friend Josh and I started up Shank's co-op mode. While setting up controllers can occasionally be a headache, Shank detected our Logitech controllers flawlessly.*

Unfortunately, I had forgotten most of the combos and important controls. Nevertheless, the game was still a lot of fun.

We played the first two levels and would have happily played more, but it was getting late. While we were uncertain if our progress would be saved, there was nothing we could do about it anyways.

Tip: Grapple is activated by the Right Trigger. Thus, to rescue your fallen teammate, simultaneously press Down and Right Trigger.

*I understand that hardware and software compatibility is generally hard to ensure. Furthermore, I'm also aware that sometimes I personally have to put extra effort into controller setup because one of my controllers is quite old. Omitting some other details, buying a new controller to replace the old one will be helpful.

We're so close to beating them!

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