Video Game Lunar Flight (PC) (2012)

Lunar Flight (PC) (2012)

Sparks are good, right?
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When you get bored, try plummeting to the ground at high speeds.
19:26 ET to 19:51 ET (* (skip to the nine minute mark)
21:58 ET to 23:49 ET (* (skip to the three minute mark)
* no longer archives recordings.
This game is a lunar flight simulator. With no in-game tutorial, the player is expected to watch some videos and/or read the manual provided to get the textbook understanding of how the simulator works. Afterwards, the player should just play around with the game and get used to the controls. As a whole, the game is more difficult than Flight Simulator, but quite an experience.

It takes a lot of patience and practice to complete the different missions.
I'd say the game has a high learning curve. This is in part due to having many types of motions to keep track of.

This curve is slightly lowered by either having an intuitive understanding of flight or a theoretical understanding of physics. Of course, despite having either of those two, there are fine details which simply require practice and patience to master.

Its hard to use fuel efficiently.
On a related note, it takes a while to understand all the various consoles and displays.

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