Video Game Lone Survivor (PC) (2012)

Lone Survivor (PC) (2012)

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This game, while pixelated, definitely has a way of creating a scary atmosphere. There were a couple of moments where I was shocked or surprised, but overall, nothing that made me jump out of my seat.

Stare into mirrors...
The game's story is real solid. I'm really interested in seeing the rest of it.

The mechanic of the game that I don't exactly like is the need to eat and sleep. It's kind of cool and realistic, but it feels like it happens too frequently and beyond the rate at which I'm finding the food and means to eat.

Shoot to survive...
Finally, last comment for the night is that I didn't exactly find the controls to be intuitive. Perhaps I would have preferred a keyboard and mouse setup and the ability to customize the controls.

Tip: Reading the diary will tell you the latest thing that your character needs to do.

Go into strange crevices...
Tip: Shooting up is used for when the creature jumps up onto the ceiling. There is no such thing as a headshot. Just shoot straight if they're in front of you.

Tip: Combine the cheese and crackers. Note that after combining them, you will not have eaten them yet. So remember to go back into the menu to eat them.

Have hallucinations? (Is this real life?)
In any case, after talking to the director, I felt a little bored of backtracking to the various rooms and was done with the game for the night. I feel I would best enjoy this game in small doses.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if, after beating the game, that one could play through it quickly in a single sitting.

Meet "The Director"...

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