Video Game Legend of Grimrock (PC) (2012)

Overview: An action RPG, dungeon crawler where four prisoners join together in hopes of escaping.

Today I decided to play Legend of Grimrock.

Giant Snail!

Gameplay Log:
Find equipment, weapons, and food to survive.

The characters must be fed.

I initially didn't understand the battle system, but eventually I learned the following:
* In the default group there's a mage. Click on his mana pool to access possible spell signs and cast spells.
* Thus far I figured out his fireball spell, but it was unclear to me how I was suppose to figure it out.
* The game's instructions regarding battle were minimal.
* For other characters, once his/her item/weapon is equipped, just right click on the item/weapon. The character will then use the item/weapon which is equipped.
* If the item/weapon equipped was a ranged item/weapon, like a rock, then the item/weapon will be thrown and you may retrieve it later. If it was a melee item/weapon, then the character will swing and there will be a cooldown period.


Clicking each character one at a time felt slow and inefficient. I did, however, get slightly used to kiting the enemy.

On a different note, I didn't realize that the characters can get sleep in order to regain health and mana.
* Just press the 'zzz' button to have them start sleeping.
* Click it again to stop.

Tip: Use the mage to destroy!

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Equip Menu

+ This game felt real old school, but in a good way.

- In-game instructions for fighting was insufficient
- I wish the battle system was more fluid.


Overall, I thought the game was decently fun. And while I did not get fully into it, I figured it was because I didn't grow up playing this kind of game. Furthermore, I wish the tutorial had a little bit more detail.

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Legend of Grimrock (PC) (2012)

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