Video Game Insecticide (PC) (2008)

Insecticide (PC) (2008)

Detective Chrys Liszt (protagonist)
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While the story is definitely solid, I feel more inclined to talk about Insecticide's gameplay. On a grand scale, the game switches back and forth between action-based levels and puzzle-based levels.

In the action-based levels, the player has a melee attack as well as a long-ranged weapon of some sort. These attacks are combined with traditional platforming elements. As a tip to help prevent frustration, a double jump is available for use.

There's been a murder!
In the puzzle-based levels, the player navigates the level looking for all the necessary items required to progress the story. In general, this will require talking to various in-game characters and possibly helping them in some way.

Between the two, I definitely enjoy the puzzle-based levels more. Not only do they feel more story-driven, but the attacks and controls for the action-based levels feel a bit unrefined.

While this game might be fun for the more casual gamer, I'd rather be solving mysteries and fighting crime as Batman in Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) (2009).

20140415: [20140501]
Part 1:
I played the first three levels and got stuck in the third level. In that third level I had successfully gathered two pieces of evidence, but I couldn't figure out how to cut the rope or open the box.

I couldn't figure out how to open this box. Broke my paper clip.
Part 2:
I resumed the third level. Since the game didn't have a save option, I had to redo the progress I made during the first run. After giving the level a second solid try I gave in and decided to look at a walkthrough. From it I discovered that I missed a small detail:
The FAQ read "then use the resulting metal rod to dismantle the box's hinges."
What the heck!?!

You and your partner, Detective Roachy Caruthers.

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