Video Game Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason (PC) (2009)

Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason (PC) (2009)

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20140420: [20150831 Edit]
12:59 ET to 14:02 ET (skip to the fifteen minute mark)
While I only got to play the game for forty-five minutes before it crashed on me, I thought the game's atmosphere was excellent. In addition, I found the game exciting, because I didn't know what to expect with respect to the game's plot and was more easily spooked every now and then (see highlight).

I think the boxing part of the game is fun. At first you just learn to punch. Then the game instructs you to choose which hand you want to punch (forward jab, left, right, uppercut). Then you get to block. Then finally it shows you how to combo. There might be more, but that's as far as I got.

Unfortunately, I had trouble changing the video settings manually. In fact, I had to employ a manual fix of the config file as detailed in a Steam forum thread to even get the game working (change the resolution in the config file to the resolution of your monitor).

To top it off, I got to a certain point in the game and pressed F12 for a screenshot, at that point, the game just froze. Possible cause: while I had take several screenshots prior to the freeze, I believe it was the first time I tried taking a screenshot during a cutscene.

In any case, the freeze discouraged me from playing more right that moment. I do, however, think the game is fun enough to warrant further play in the future.

One thing to remember when that happens: most actions are taken with the right mouse button, such as warming up and opening doors. Furthermore, the game is pretty linear, so heading in the right direction will probably be simple upon resuming the game.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and would like to reiterate that I enjoyed the atmosphere of the game.

After writing the above, I read some reviews on Metacritic and they were definitely illuminating. Most reviews touch on the great story, but feel the fighting system is overly simply, the game is too linear, and the rooms become repetitive.

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