Video Game Closure (PC) (2012)

Closure (PC) (2012)

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The little balls of light float in water.
In Closure, the player to manipulate light in order to get from the beginning of each level to the end (a door).

This was a neat puzzle game where the light manipulation puzzle mechanic was a unique and fun experience for me.

The goal is to get to the door.
The game has an atmosphere which is kind of relaxing similar to NightSky (2011). However, I think the puzzles in Closure tend to require much more thinking than those in NightSky. NightSky is more like platformer with some puzzle elements whereas Closure is like a puzzler with some platformer elements.

Strategically push boxes around.
The white and black color of Closure makes it similar in feeling to Limbo (PC) (2011), though the game isn't thematically dark like Limbo. Of course the two games are quite different. Like NightSky, Limbo is more like a platformer.

This puzzle game is a bit similar in feel to Toki Tori (PC) (2010) in the sense that the way to solve the puzzle can feel open-ended and there may be several things to try. This being true more later as the level get more difficult.

Strategically adjust lamps.
Overall, I enjoyed Closure and the only reason I stopped playing was because I got stuck on a level and was too frustrated with trying to complete it:
After completing the first fifteen levels of the first door, I got stuck on the sixteenth level. I got the box up, but couldn't push it so that it fell onto the button. I don't know what I was doing wrong and I got tired of trying, because bringing the box up was quite tedious.

Illuminate the pods.
Today I completed that tedious level sixteen.

Today I played as the tall, slim girl (second world) and completed levels 1-14. Today I played for about forty minutes.

The second world features at least two new mechanics.

Proximity-censored lights.
One is proximity-censored lights, they will shut off when you get too close. Another is door locks which are opened via remote pods; keep a light shining on a pod to keep its corresponding lock open).

Today I played as the short, Asian girl (third world) and completed levels 1-21. Overall, these levels were more straightforward than many of the second world levels I have encountered.

Break targets with laser guns  in order
to eliminate barriers and/or light sources.
The third world features at least three new mechanics: laser guns, spiky floors and light-powered lights.

Unlike some puzzle games, Closure is fun, but fails to hold my interest for long periods of time. Today I played for an hour.

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