Video Game Binary Domain (PC) (2012)

Binary Domain (PC) (2012)

Dan (left) (player character) and Big Bo (right).
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Using a minigun.
Voice Recognition:
I spent time trying to get the voice recognition to work, but after several hours of play, it got annoying to deal with and I finally switched the voice recognition off. As I was discussing with my friends not too long ago, voice recognition is definitely around the corner and yet is still weak.

Faye Lee.
Just think, the game only detects what I say less than half the time and thinks I'm saying something when its perfectly silent most of the time despite the fact that I'm a native English speaker and on top of that I have a decent quality microphone.

Overall, while the feature is great in theory, it's not mature enough to implement.

Dan hangs on tight atop a Grand Lancer.
Other Thoughts:
Outside of the voice recognition, I was really enjoying the gameplay and story of Binary Domain. In particular, I was thinking about taking a break after finishing the second chapter, but one thing led to another and I finished the third chapter as well.

There was one quick time event which I found unnecessary, but at least it wasn't as annoying as the quick time events in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

The game changes it up every now and then.
Also difficult for me was the chaos that occurs during the boss fights and/or bigger events. Actually, I don't think these parts of the game are actually difficult, they just seem difficult because they felt tedious.

20140418: 17:42 ET to 23:31 ET
After putting about five hours into the game, I would highly recommend this game to others and suggest that the game be played with the voice recognition feature off. Several other tips and comments can be found below.

Cain (a French combat android)
Tip: "M" stands for Mouse. Reload is with the middle mouse button. Hold down the middle mouse button to charge the power shot. Other than being an attack, the power shot is sometimes used to clear obstacles which block the way.

Tip: I realized later that I probably should have upgraded all of the protagonist's weapon stats first. There is, however, a benefit to leveling all the other characters evenly, as sometimes the story forces the player to work with members you didn't choose to go with.

Charles, Cain, and Rachel.
Tip: You can fire from behind cover. Move up to cover and press the spacebar to take cover. Then press the right mouse button to peek out from cover and press the left mouse button to fire.

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