Movie Into the Wild (2007)

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Into the Wild (2007) Sean Penn. 148 min [aot non-fiction botsn (1996) by Jon Krakauer]

Chris McCandless (Emile Hirsch)
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Carine McCandless (sister) (Jena Malone),
Walt McCandless (father) (William Hurt),
and Billie McCandless (mother) (Marcia Gay Harden).
While I don't know anything about the actual events surrounding Christopher McCandless, I do know that I only like some parts of the story with regards to how they are portrayed in the movie. In particular, I liked the protagonist's idea of severing his ties with societies, but I disapproved of his approach.

Rainey (Brian Dierker) and Jan Burres (Catherine Keener)
To elaborate, McCandless runs away in part to hurt his parents, whose behavior throughout his life seemed less than satisfactory. Unfortunately and consequently, he also severs ties with his sister.

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and find it to be thought provoking with respect to formation and maintenance of human relationships.

Wayne Westerberg (Vince Vaughn)
Instant Comments:
Damn, he's gone crazy! (talking to himself on the bus)
The climatic battle to kill the false being within.
Lost in the Wild.
Alexander Supertramp
Two years before "Magic" bus

Wow. This conversation he has with his parents is so hard to watch. There's just so much tension that's captured.
Even the fact that the father opened the conversation by pointing out that his sister shouldn't be driving already initiated a ton of tension.
An unfortunate realization for a parent to make. The fact that your son is alive, yet intentionally doesn't want to be found.
Vince Vaughn!

Lol. What detail did I miss? Why was Vaughn's character taken? [Satellite piracy: " I warned Wayne about them little black boxes.."]
The check was made out to Alex Candless. The smallest of paper trail that could possibly lead to him.
Lol. Twelve years on a waitlist to paddle down a river. Such bureaucracy.
"Helmet man!" Ha.
"Come, join us. We have hot dogs." Haha. What a lovely couple.
If the river patrol were smarter, they'd not have made any beeps.

He definitely left his name as Alexander Supertramp at the mission. He must have left his name as Alexander Supertramp at the border also.
Damn that's both intense and effective (beating up freight train freeloaders).
He's reading The Call of the Wild by Jack London.
Ah, Kristen Stewart.
Damn. The parallel between him & his mom and Jan & her child.

Tracy Tatro (Kristen Stewart)
Alex: Merry... Christmas... [finds Tracy in her underwear]
Tracy: Come in here. My parents went into town.
Alex: No.
Tracy: Yeah. They went to call my grandma for Christmas.
Alex: No, I mean, we can't do that.
Tracy: Why not?
Alex: How old are you?
Tracy: Eighteen... seventeen.
Alex: What year were you born?
Tracy: So, I'm sixteen.
Ron Franz (Hal Holbrook)
Alex: Mr. Franz, I think careers are a 20th Century invention and I don't want one. You don’t need to worry about me; I have a college education. I’m not destitute. I'm living like this by choice.
Ron: In the dirt?
Alex: Yeah. In the dirt.
Ron: Where's your family?
Alex: Don't have one anymore.
Ron: That's a shame.

Damn. It was all good and fun until that mistake.
Happiness only real when shared.
The credit music that follows the song with lyrics made me so sleepy. I had to rewatch parts of the credits multiple times. Actually, I'm just gonna watch the credits again tomorrow. :p

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