Video Game Antichamber (PC) (2013)

Antichamber (2013)

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20140327: 12:30AM to 1:45AM ET:
Today I played Antichamber for the first time. Unfortunately, likely due to having too much caffeine, I started getting quite a headache. Fortunately, reducing the resolution and playing in Windowed mode instead of Fullscreen mode seemed to help.

Overall, the game is quite a unique experience. At the same time, it can also feel unnecessarily frustrating. To elaborate, the game is definitely nonlinear with little to no indication of what the player needs to do next. In contrast, a game like Super Meat Boy (2010) is frustrating purely due to its difficulty.

Antichamber - Part 1 (1:14:01)

20140327: 3:15PM to 5:11PM ET:
Without any coffee in my system, I played more Antichamber this afternoon free of any headaches. In fact, I played for a full two hours before taking a break.

Antichamber - Part 2 (1:56:25)

20140327: 11:52PM to 20140328 12:58AM ET:
At the very beginning of this run I learned that hovering over the arrows on the map will show the room to where the arrow leads!

While this was very enlightening, the game soon became frustrating as I walked around and repeatedly tried the same puzzles over and over.

Antichamber - Part 3 (1:06:02)

20140328: 7:59PM to 9:05PM ET:
After playing some Antichamber this morning, I returned in the evening to play some more. However, after an hour of making absolutely no progress, I decided to set the game aside and have fun elsewhere.

Antichamber - Part 4 (1:05:48)

Actually, I spend about half an hour on one puzzle and during that time I determined the player character is three blocks wide and seven blocks tall.


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