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My friend Vi and I head on over to Brewer's Art where we each order a flight of house beer.

Ozzy. Light smell, light taste. It tastes like a blonde ale and has a citrus flavor. It reminds me a bit of Blue Moon. 10:28PM ET

This Resurrection is more bitter than the Ozzy. It has a banana flavor. Both Vi and I like Ozzy more. 10:32PM ET

7 Beauties. Chocolate/coffee smell. Chocolate/coffee taste. 10:37PM ET

This Birdhouse most definitely has a pale ale smell. Huh, I also detect a new smell I've never smelt before. It smells like a sort of herb.

Just smelling other beers also. Biere de Mars has a fruitier smell. Much more distinct banana smell also. The Sangreal also has a banana smell." 10:42PM ET

Yeah, the birdhouse is standard pale ale goodness. Its real solid as far as pale ales go. 10:44PM ET

Halfway done.

The Biere de Mars has a fruity, complex sort of taste. A bit sourness. Vi thinks it has a raspberry sort of taste. Hmm... I can see that. 10:51PM

So apparently the reason the Sangreal has a banana smell/taste like the Resurrection Ale because it's a "remix." However, I like the Sangreal much better than the Resurrection. 10:54PM

Going through to finishing each one off. Ahhhh, that refreshing Ozzy (Belgium style). By now the bitterness of the Resurrection has decreased a bit. Ah, that flavorful 7 Beauties. That pale ale smell and taste of the Birdhouse. Biere de Mars is much more floral and sweeter tasting than the Birdhouse; it is the most flavorful of the bunch. And finishing off with a similar taste of Sangreal, though its lighter than the Birdhouse and has a simpler taste. All done! 11:15PM

All done!

Vi likes Ozzy and Birdhouse. She finds the Birdhouse has a fruity flavor. 10:44PM
Vi also likes the Sangreal better than the Resurrection Ale. 10:54PM
Vi orders the beers from most to least favorite: Ozzy, Biere de Mars, Birdhouse, Sangreal, 7 Beauties, Resurrection. 11:32PM

The Brewer's Art

Two flights of Brewer's Art House Beer

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Pamphlet Information:
«Ozzy» Our tribute to the «Devil» beers of Belgium. This beer is light in color with a full flavor and dry finish. Be careful, as it may sneak up on you. 7.25% ABV

«Resurrection» Our Abbey-style brown ale, brewed with five types of malt and three hop varieties. This rich yet dry beer is dark amber in color with lots of flavor. 7% ABV

Next to the pamphlet.

«7 Beauties» This country rye ale is brewed with 7 types of malt... including Rye, Brewer’s Gold, Northern Brewer, and Sterling Hops. 5.8% ABV

«Birdhouse» A tribute to the boys of summer, this nice pale ale will warm you up even in the heart of winter. 5% ABV

«Bière de Mars» [French for "March Beer"] An Offering for the Ever Changing Spring Season. Our Bière de Mars is a malty red ale with a distinctive tartness. 5.5% ABV

«Sangreal» "The Holy Grail" Our new Red Saison is part of the remix series. Our riff on Resurrection with a new yeast strain and slightly altered grain bill. 6% ABV

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