Concert 20140322 San Fermin with Joy Classic

San Fermin with Joy Classic at Metro Gallery

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*Submitted the setlist below on 20140708.

San Fermin
Today (20140322) I went to a concert with my friends to listen to San Fermin, a band that will be playing at this year's Firefly Music Festival. While I had briefly listened to their album prior to buying a ticket, it was a much different experience to hear them live and I went from feeling "Okay, I dig this music..." to "Wow, this band has great music!"

While the album has a couple instrumental pieces, the band, at far as I could tell, only performed the songs that had lyrics. An almost complete setlist can be found below.

Rae Cassidy (Lead Vocals) and Allen Tate (Lead Vocals)
San Fermin

Another way... So please come with me... 10:03PM ET There's a mob at the door. 10:05PM ET
[-> So please come wake me...]

Oh oh-oh oh ohhhhh. Female vocals dominant. 10:10PM ET
[-> the above comes in at around the 2 minute mark]
[Crueler Kind]

Where have you been?... I can't fall asleep in your arms... 10:11PM ET I'll prepare a place for you;

Stephen Chen (Saxophone) and Rebekah Durham (Violin/Vocals)
I'll find me a hopeless place. 10:15PM ET
[-> I found me a hopeless case...]

My body of roses, are you thinking of me now, Methuselah? 10:20PM ET
[-> I will tie to my body some roses... Are you thinking of me now, Methuselah?]

When my father's sister died. I used to be young. 10:27PM ET
[-> I used to be a lover [...] But I'm young, young, young]

New song. I made a recording of it with my phone. 10:34PM ET

Well, we followed you like children. 10:35PM ET

"Oh darling." 10:39PM ET
[Oh, Darling]

John Brandon (Trumpet)
Deadliest, the last song on the record album. 10:42PM ET
[-> Daedalus]
[Daedalus (What We Have)]

One more song called "The Count." 10:49PM ET
[The Count]

Haha, one more. Heart in a Cage. Lol. 10:53PM ET
[Heart in a Cage - The Strokes]

Ellis Ludwig-Leone (Songwriter, Keyboard), Tyler McDiarmid (Guitar), Mike Hanf (Drums)
Opening for San Fermin was a band named Joy Classic. While I enjoyed the music, the lead singer had on several occasions, in the middle of songs, asked for corrections from the audio booth regarding volume balancing. While there is a level of quality associated with making corrections in the middle of a song, I don't think such corrections should be made known to the audience. From my layman perspective, such audible corrections should be made in between songs, not during a song.

Joy Classic

Don't stop;

First to be the last one out. 9:07PM ET

I... I want you all the time. 9:10PM ET

Anything you are. Don't you cry;

Yesterday's gone and..." 9:22PM ET

Cover: Time of the Season - The Zombies. 9:25PM ET
[Time of the Season - The Zombies]

One Day I Cried... Candle on the wind... Sister of the... 9:28PM ET

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