Video Game Toki Tori (PC) (2010)

Toki Tori (PC) (2010)

Forest Fall
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20111222: (Achievements)
15:21 Make Toki Tori look sad

Creepy Castle
20111231: (Achievements)
00:08 Complete all Forest Fall normal levels
00:39 Finish a level without using all items
17:32 Collect 100 eggs
18:33 Collect all ten slowflakes that appear in December before they melt

Bubble Barrage
20120119: (Achievements)
00:26 Fall into the lava
01:09 Complete all Creepy Castle normal levels
01:14 Collect 200 eggs
01:39 Complete all Forest Falls hard levels
01:56 Play Toki Tori for 60 minutes without being idle for more than 2 minutes
02:08 Make Toki Tori dizzy

Slimy Sewer
14:56 Get really close to a monster
15:09 Complete all Creepy Castle hard levels
15:24 Stand on an ice block for 12 seconds
16:05 Complete all Slimy Sewer normal levels
16:07 Telewarp directly into lava
16:11 Trap Toki Tori between two Switchbricks

Made a mistake? Simply rewind!
20120209: (Achievements)
18:12 Complete all Bubble Barrage normal levels
18:12 Complete all normal levels without using the Wildcard
18:14 Watch the ending
18:49 Complete all Test Lab normal levels

20120330: (Achievements)
00:29 Collect 500 eggs

Move obstacles!
20140220: (Recording)
16:07 ET to 17:01 ET (*
* recordings have expired.

20140221: (Recording)(Achievements)
14:51 ET to 16:37 ET (*
* recordings have expired.
16:36 Complete all Slimy Sewer hard levels

Float inside bubbles!

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