Video Game Shelter (PC) (2013)

Shelter (PC) (2013)

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Shelter is an adventure game where you play as a mother badger. In addition to feeding them, you will also need to protect your cubs from natural dangers as you travel through the wild.

Most of Shelter is a calm, linear gaming experience, but it's gameplay is unique and there are occasional life-threatening moments.

It's artwork is also good, but the game's not perfect. With that in mind, I'm not sure if this short adventure game is worth* its full price tag ($10), but it's worth experiencing (e.g., find a friend who own's it or wait for it to go on sale).

*Apparently the game also has a "Nurture" mode.

20140202: [20150210]
Today I finished the first level (there are five total). After completing it, I went on to second, but the second level was dark and hard. Despite having only walked a short length from the starting position, I ended up losing all the cubs.

While I only played for about half an hour (Steam: thirty-eight minutes), I decided to stop playing because, one, I had already reached a milestone (the end of the first level) and, two, I didn't know how much longer the game would be.

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