Video Game Organ Trail: Director's Cut

Organ Trail: Director's Cut (Android) (2012)
Organ Trail: Director's Cut (PC) (2013)

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As far as screenshot records show, it looks like I played the game for the first time today (20130818). By the way, this is the Android version of Organ Trail: Director's Cut.

Using a feature that comes with the game, I tweeted the following in-game events:
1307 Chris drops some money into the seat cushions. It's gone forever.
1620 Steph was holding the map upside down. You go an hour out of the way.

1659 You wait an hour while Josh vomits in the bushes.
1734 Tim saved Michael.
1738 Here lies Tim - One pixel away. - -
1837 Kevin gets bored and starts making a really annoying noise.

Today I continued playing more Organ Trail and managed to beat the campaign. I tweeted the following in-game events:
0829 Kevin is dicking with 1 tire and accidentally ruins it.
0856 Tim missed the shot.
0858 Arash walks off to take a piss and comes back with a bite wound.

_2850 Distance Traveled: 5700
__500 Healthy party members: 1
__800 Incapped party members: 2
__300 Infected party members: 1
__345 Station wagon condition: 69%
____6 Fuel: 1.5
____9 Scrap: 18
___34 Medkits: 17
____2 Bullets: 123
___46 Food: 1158 oz
___14 Money: $69
__250 Baby
__618 Time Taken: 319 hours
___x2 Difficulty rating: Normal
11674 Total Score

Today I play for just a little bit. I only tweeted the following:
1647 Harry has a fever #OrganTrail

So I've played the Android version of this game on several occasions before. However, today I decided to check out the PC version and see if there are any noticeable differences.

Except for the controls, I don't notice any differences between the Android and PC version of the game.

I think, as far as familiarity goes, using the mouse and keyboard on the PC feels much easier than using the touch screen on the phone. It should also be mentioned that using the touch screen can occasionally obscure my vision. Furthermore, sometimes I want to move the character and my touch input gets confused as a shot. This confusion is avoided altogether on the PC.

There is, however, one advantage to shooting on an Android: the screen can be rotated to perfectly line up shots.

_2850 Distance Traveled: 5700
_1000 Healthy party members: 2
____0 Incapped party members: 0
__600 Infected party members: 0
__255 Station wagon condition: 51%
___12 Fuel: 3
___58 Scrap: 116
___18 Medkits: 9
____4 Bullets: 211
____8 Food: 192 oz
___22 Money: $109
__778 Time Taken: 222 hours
___x2 Difficulty rating: Normal
11210 Total Score

You've unlocked 50 additional tombstones.

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