Video Game Knytt Underground (PC) (2013)

This simple platformer emphasized the story and exploration. It achieved this in a similar way to NightSky: foreground boundaries are pitch black over colorful and magnificent backgrounds.

The game was also similar to NightSky in its usage of temporary power-ups which can be used within a short duration after they're obtained.

Soon after the above observations, I realized that Knytt Underground and NightSky are similar, because they share the same developer, Nicklas Nygren.

In any case, unlike the power-ups you might find in Super Mario, the purpose of the temporary power-ups is to solve puzzles. To clarify, coming across a power-up implies the player will probably need it to gain access to an area that could not otherwise be accessed.

Steam: ~ 3 hours (total game time)

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Knytt Underground (PC) (2013)

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