Video Game Joe Danger 2: The Movie (PC) (2012)

Joe Danger 2: The Movie (PC) (2012)

Race through some levels with a jetpack!
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Race through the first scene in a mine cart.
(I suddenly want to play Donkey Kong Country (SNES).)
20140212: [20150206]
This game was decently fun. Though I have yet to complete it, simply finishing the game seems like a short endeavor. Overall, the experience is casual and there's always replay value in attempting to achieve the best high score per level.

Downhill skiing!
When thinking of casual games and obtaining high scores, I first think of a game called Flight Control HD.

But while both games have a limited number of levels, Flight Control's replayability is solely in its simplicity and achieving a high score (similar to Tetris or any tile-matching game).

Coming to a more accurate comparison, Joe Danger 2: The Movie is actually quite similar to Snuggle Truck (PC) (2012).

First, both games require you to achieve a predetermined number of goals before you can unlock more levels. Second, outside of the goals, both games focus on achieving the best time.

Instant Comments:
The game shows the control scheme for both the keyboard and game controller simultaneous, which was initially a bit confusing.
Some goals are reasonable to retry immediately. Others are worth waiting until the game teaches you all the various trick mechanics.

The 100% Combo Active goal can be achieved by using Q or E or popping a wheelie at correct places, but to be honest, I had to play around with this a bit and I'm still not entirely sure of the details.

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