Video Game Faerie Solitaire (PC) (2009)

Faerie Solitaire (PC) (2009)

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So I'm trying to get back on track with a regular sleep cycle, but I figured playing one other new game tonight wouldn't hurt. Looking through my catalog of games for something that might be short, I booted up this game, Faerie Solitaire.

A sequential card game with a couple of twists.
As the word "Solitaire" in the game's name suggest, Faerie Solitaire is a single-player card game. Easier to play than to explain in words, the game throws a couple of fantasy elements and obstacles into what would otherwise be a straightforward game.

Unfortunately, from the 2.3 hours I've played so far, these changes have yet to make the game difficult enough to convince me that the game is worth playing. I'll likely play a bit more of the game in hopes that the difficulty increases, but so far the game is easy and uninteresting.

A dramatic story accompanies the game, but doesn't really
contribute to the game in any way.
Despite my previously expressed opinion of the game, I return today to play the game for approximately five hours! While the game is simple, clearly something about it had me coming back for more!

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