Movie Ordinary People (1980)

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Ordinary People (1980) Robert Redford. 124 min [botnotsn (1976) by Judith Guest]

The mother Beth (Mary Tyler Moore)
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I briefly considered letting this movie go unseen. However, at the last second, I changed my mind.

This was a well-told story about a family struggling to get through a tragic loss.

While their hardships may be fictional, I could relate to the various relationships portrayed.

The son Conrad (Timothy Hutton)
Overall, I'm glad the movie ended the way it did.

Instant Comments:
Ah, Pachebel's Canon in D.
Instead of trashing it, she stuffs it down the... er... whatever that blender in the sink is called.
The movie starts out showing the son in the family is troubled, but doesn't explain the reason why.
"No dirty stuff." [...] " you have nice knees."

The father Calvin (Donald Sutherland)
"I never promised you a rose garden."
To not get along with a family member is a frustrating feeling.
"Maybe she can't express it the way you'd like her to." That's definitely important to realize.
Oh my goodness. (Karen)
Oh wow. "Because I got tired." That's a great scene.
"And what was the one wrong thing you did? Come on, you know." "I hung on. I stayed with the boat."

The therapist Dr. Berger (Judd Hirsch)
Hehe. The look on her face after he hugs her.
"You were always so hard on yourself I never had the heart."