Video Game Windosill (PC) (2009)

Windosill (PC) (2009)

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Windosill Website
Windowsill - PC (

Fun shapes!
Today I was in the mood for some point and click fun [20140201: I realized today that Windowsill probably isn't a point and click game. If anything, it'd be more of a puzzler]. Having never played Windosill, I booted it up. Together with my friends (Chris, Phuong, and a half-asleep Josh), we completed this short and fun puzzler in approximately half an hour (Phuong actually arrived a couple levels in, but we gave him a quick recap after we finished the game).

Simple and charming aesthetics.
In any case, the first five levels are playable on the Windowsill website. Note that since the game lacks replay value and is extremely short, I recommend not looking up any of the solutions. Don't even look at screenshots other than the ones here which are snapped before any clicking has occurred.

Neat puzzles.
Finally, the game also isn't just about finishing a level. For example, despite knowing what my first click in the game should be, I took my time and clicked every possible object I could, because its fun.

If you own this game, but haven't played it, then do yourself a favor a play it now! Otherwise, just head on over to where you can give it a try.

Up and up we go.

Note: After completing Windosill, I thought it would be fun for us to play Botanicula, another point and click game I had not played.

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