Video Game Rush Bros. (PC) (2013)

Rush Bros. (PC) (2013)

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Booting this game up, I thought it had a cool looking introduction. Unfortunately, the game didn't seem to be working: I would finish a level, but it didn't seem to be saving my time.

After doing random things, among which might have included restarting the game, my times were saved at the end of every level.

While the game had an addictive feel to it, its use of music was simple and uninteresting. Whereas Beat Hazard (2011) uses music to generate levels, this game simply has predetermined levels with obstacles set to the beat of the music.

Theoretically, getting the best times in this game is a combination of skill and the right track selection. Theoretically speaking, the player could create a music file that has beats timed precisely when they're needed.

With that being said, I haven't played the game to any of my own music yet, partially because I'm not at all compelled to do so. Furthermore, the tracks included with the game are pretty solid and the game felt like an overall letdown.

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