Video Game McPixel (PC) (2012)

McPixel (PC) (2012)

Reference to Titanic (1997).
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After hours of research, I came home and first chose to play McPixel.

With no reason to suspect where the bomb is hiding, playing McPixel
requires trial and error and the will to have fun.
Not knowing what to expect, this game started off as a bizarre experience. It was, however, quite fun. With a short timer counting down, the game initially felt like it should belong to the WarioWare series. My initial gameplay were filled with confusion.

After a short while with the game, I realized that McPixel differed from the WarioWare series in three ways.

First, the content is not appropriate for kids. For example, the main character kick just about anyone and everything, there's been the occasional brief nudity, and somewhere in the game there's an alien who can be found smoking weed. While these inappropriate elements are used to a comic effect, I would not recommend this game to kids the age of 12 and under.

Second, while the mini-games in WarioWare differ from area to area, the levels in McPixel have one uniform structure. Each level consists of six stages and the game repeatedly cycles through the stages that haven't been beaten until all six are successfully completed.

What is going on?
Third, the timer for each stage in McPixel is quite long compared to many mini-games which show up in the WarioWare series. Furthermore, due to the cycling of stages mentioned previously, McPixel actually encourages the player to have fun and mess around.

Unfortunately, I had a long day and grew quite sleepy by the time I got to playing the third level of Chapter 1 and was dozing off during some of the stages. Of course, the game was so fun that I made an effort to finish the third level before heading to bed. Of course, after a nice long nap, I woke to play a little more McPixel.

Yikes, don't shoot!
Note that the menu screen can be accessed at anytime during the game by pressing the escape button. For whatever reason, you can find an FPS (frames per second) counter at the top left of it.

The menu, however, is short and video settings are limited to toggling fullscreen (on/off), toggling integer scaling (x1.5/x1), cycling through graphic options, toggling filter quality (16:9/4:3), and toggling sounds (on/off). You may also resume the game, go back to the menu, get help, delete the save file, or quit playing.

After taking a break, I resumed playing more McPixel and would like to add to the examples of content which may be inappropriate for kids. They include jerking off a giraffe, objects finding their way into butts, urinating places, and semen. I should repeat, however, that these elements are meant to be funny to adults who have an obscene sense of humor.

Uh... NSFW?

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