Video Game MacGuffin's Curse (PC) (2012)

Lucas (protagonist)

MacGuffin's Curse is a puzzle adventure game where you play as Lucas MacGuffin. As the title suggests, Lucas eventually becomes cursed. Fortunately, this leads to the game's main puzzle mechanic: switching between human Lucas and (were)wolf Lucas.


Lucas becomes a wolf.

20140129 Early Morning, Morning:
While this game has many fun puzzles, there are also some tedious puzzles which keep the game from being perfect. More specifically, I don't mind easy, straightforward puzzles, as long as they're not tedious. Then again, perhaps I began to think they were tedious when I started playing too much.

The reporter Judy.

The main reason I was addicted to the game was for its story.

The game also has a lot of flavor text and I loved reading it all. In fact, at the beginning of the game, I was reading nearly every possible text in the game. I would probably have kept up with the reading, but some of the text would repeat or feel repetitive (especially as Wolf Lucas).

A typical Room/Puzzle

Remark: At one point I encountered a bug where Lucas grabs an object and doesn't let go. Fortunately, I found a Steam discussion thread that addressed the issue.

So far I've played for about eight hours and I've completed 54% of the game.

[20150214 Edit]

20140129 Evening:
I played for another hour and have increased my completion rate to 60%.

Troublesome youth...

20140129 Evening, 20140130 Early Morning & Morning: [20150214]
I resume playing two hours later (11:33PM ET) and continued playing for approximately 9.5 straight hours.

Note that I beat the game at about 5:50AM ET. The credits ran for about three minutes and include some interaction between Lucas and various game characters. Afterwards, the game sent Lucas back to his house where the player can choose to continue playing.


At this point I had only achieved an 88% completion rate and I chose to continue playing.

Finally, at 7:24AM ET, I achieved a 99% completion rate (which in hindsight is an 100% completion rate and I spend some time on a wild goose chase).

At 7:54AM ET, I read about the 99% completion rate bug and how to obtain the Fixated achievement in a Steam discussion thread. Subsequently I achieved the Fixated badge / Steam achievement at 7:57AM ET.

At that time, I decided to go to sleep, but fifteen minutes later I started playing again: from 8:15AM ET to 9:09AM ET, I ran around checking to ensure that the 99% percent is a bug in the game and not an error on my part.

Rena, the gypsy.

While the game had some minor disappoints (the occasional tedious puzzle, the occasional repetitive flavor text, and two small bugs), my game time goes to show that I absolutely couldn't stop playing it. Explicitly, I completed the game over three game sessions which lasted eight hours, one hour, and nine and a half hours (with ten hours between the first and second session and two hours between the second and third session).


MacGuffin's Curse (PC) (2012)

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