Video Game Costume Quest (PC) (2011)

Costume Quest (PC) (2011)*
*Costume Quest (PS3/XBLA) (2010)

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Costume Quest is a Halloween-themed role-playing game by Double Fine where you play as trick-or-treaters who transform during battle based on the costumes they are wearing. Collect costumes as you progress through the story (some are required, others are optional) and collect stamps which can be applied to add special abilities.

Statue of Liberty, Knight, and Space Warrior.
Story-wise, you start the game choosing to play as one of two siblings, Wren or Reynold; then, after choosing one of the two, your goal with be to save the other (because he/she will get kidnapped). Initially progressing alone, eventually you meet up with Everett, allowing you to battle enemies with two costumes. Then, further into the story, you will meet a smart girl named Lucy!

In terms of game mechanics, the battle system is turn-based with quick time events being implemented for bonus effects. Different costumes have different abilities and serve different roles in battle. For example, the Statue of Liberty costume is a support character whose special restores health to all members.

If you like the battle system in Super Mario RPG or Paper Mario, then you'll be right at home with Costume Quest. Of course, I personally enjoyed Costume Quest for its overall theme and the simple, yet awesome idea of kids transforming into super heroes via their costumes. Then, if that wasn't enough, Costume Quest has a good story and great presentation.

20130309: [20140128]
Today I played for a straight 3.6 hours. It is a surprisingly fun RPG (role-playing game).

Today I played a little bit of Costume Quest. Prior to playing, I skimmed through my previous photo record and tried to look for anything important I should know.

Just a few more calculations....
Got it! Thank you ALGEBRA! - Lucy

Perhaps the two most important things are the timed attack bonuses and pressing shift to use your abilities on the map.

Having added an additional six hours to my playtime, I completed both the main game (Costume Quest, 3.75 hours) and the side game (Grubbin' on Ice, 2.25 hours).

Unicorn, Vampire, and Pirate.
The Pirate is part of the Grubbins on Ice DLC.
In the end, I had all but one achievement to accomplish: "Tisn't the Season." Unfortunately, this achievment requires playing Costume Quest on Christmas. Unwilling to wait, I decided to change the date of my computer clock. Actually, I wasn't sure if such a change would work, but in fact it did! The one drawback is the date of the achievement being unlocked is on Jan 28, 2014 1:52pm.

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