Video Game The Cave (PC) (2013)

The Cave (PC) (2013)

I like the game introduction.
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Character selection. The Knight (offscreen), The Hillbilly (offscreen),
The Time Traveler, The Scientist, The Adventure, The Twins, and The Monk.
20131226: [20140104]
After breaking the bridge inside the cave, it became apparent that I, the player, would be using exactly three characters inside the cave. It was also at that point that I remembered the game had local co-op. Fundamentally, the main game mechanic involves switching between the three characters to solve puzzles, much like the game mechanic in The Lost Vikings.

The Knight, The Twins, and The Adventurer plummet after
exceeding the weight of the bridge and breaking it.
Today, I only got as far as navigating to the soda and hot dog machines, which is to say, not that far at all.

General Comments:
It turns out you only bring three of the seven characters (the twins are a single character) into the cave.

A terrible monster blocks our way.
20140103: [20140104]
Today, Josh, Michael, and I got together and played a bit of The Cave. As they haven't played before, I restarted the game from the beginning. Picking first, I chose the Time Traveler. Next, Michael chose the Scientist and Josh chose the Adventurer. While picking characters was a confusing process due to an unfamiliarity with the controls, we eventually got the characters we wanted and entered the cave.

Claiming a trinket.
Today, we managed to recover two of the miner's three mine carts. Before saving the game, we were working on figuring out what needs to go into the last mine cart.

The great thing about playing with three people is that three minds are better than one. In particular, each of us had an equal share of solutions to the puzzles we encountered. While we could have certainly solved the puzzles on our own, it would have undoubtedly taken more time. Hooray for teamwork!

The Adventurer pulls the mine cart as The Scientist lazily stands inside it.
General Comments:
Spread throughout the cave are details about the different characters you brought into the game. Note, however, that any of the three characters can recover the piece of information.
One complaint we had was the amount of backtracking we had to do to find the mine carts. Spoiler Alert. In hindsight, I think we could have each held a stick of dynamite to avoid the backtracking.
You cannot die in The Cave.

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