Video Game The Ball (PC) (2010)

The Ball (PC) (2010)

Oh no! The ball's been caught by a magnet!
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Today I played through the first level (Pehua) and it was a decent introduction to the game. In the level I learned that I can pull the ball from any distance, but the ball will only attempt to take a straight path towards me. I also learned that (at least with the first level) I could never ever lose the ball. Thus, if it looks trap, then its really not.

Press Q to see temporarily see through the ball.
Time Taken 33:21
Monsters Killed 0
Monkeys Killed 0
Secrets Found 2 of 4
Times Killed 0

Overall, I enjoyed the game's visuals. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy interacting with the ball. In particular, I found it strange that the ball can only be pulled, but not pushed, only hammered. It was, however, good that the developers added the ability to make the ball transparent (default key: Q; automatically happens when pulling the ball and it is touching the character).

There were also these small blocks in the game that couldn't be picked up, only hit. Hitting them to where I wanted them to go was a bigger dissatisfaction than the inability to push the ball.

Instant Comments:
The voice acting and narration sounded good.
I walked towards the monkey and it screeched, giving me quite a scare.
So far the game is fun due to the unique game mechanic. However, as far as first impressions go, it isn't nearly as fun as Portal (2007).

Achievements (20131224).

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