Movie Man on the Moon (1999)

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Man on the Moon (1999) Milos Forman. 118 min

Andy Kaufman (Jim Carrey) on Saturday Night Live.
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Kaufman performs in a nightclub.
This 1999 film starring Jim Carrey is a biopic about American entertainer Andy Kaufman. Starting with Kaufman's ambitions to entertain as a child, the movie moves to his roots doing gigs in bars, his discovery by manager George Shapiro, and just about everything else about Kaufman's career.

George Shapiro (Danny DeVito) sees Kaufman for the first time.
This was a good movie. Prior to watching it, I had only seen some of Andy Kaufman's performances on Saturday Night Live (in particular "Mighty Mouse Theme" and "Pop Goes the Weasel"). I also saw some of Tony Clifton's performances on Saturday Night Live. Thus, while certain events may be dramatized or altered, I still learned a bit about Kaufman's life and work.

Kaufman stars in the sitcom Taxi as a mechanic named Latka Gravas.
Overall, I enjoyed Jim Carrey's performance in this film and thought it was great as a whole.

Instant Comments:
Hahaha. "In fact, this is the end of the movie. Thank you very much."
Ha. Credits roll and get stuck. Fidgets with the record player to get it working.
Ha. Collapses the record player.

Tony Clifton
"Well you're still here."
Hahahahahaha. He moved the booger from the left to the right. Hilarious.
"Is there a secret to being funny?" "Yes. Silence."
Saturday Night Live. "Here I come to save the day!"
"But-- but it's only gonna be for 30 seconds." "Five." "Twenty." "Ten." "Deal."

Jerry Lawler prepares to perform a piledriver on Kaufman.
That's genius.
That's commitment to entertainment right there.
"Would anybody like to pay a dollar to touch my cyst?"
A case of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."
"You're surrounded by what you create."

Kaufman performs at Carnegie Hall.

"Carnegie Hall interior not filmed in Carnegie Hall"
California State University, Long Beach, CA in the credits. Note that Arizona State (University) is the college mentioned in the movie.

Video Clips:
Andy Kaufman performs Mighty Mouse:

Clip from Man on the Moon where character Andy Kaufman (Jim Carrey) performs Mighty Mouse: