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The coffee (with boba) was delicious. Vietnamese coffee.

Unshaken coffee (left) and taro milk tea (right).
The taro milk tea (with boba), which I saved in the fridge, was also delicious. I believe coconut milk was added, or at least it tastes like coconut milk.

20140807: [20140913]
Without any notes to go on, I think I got the jasmine tea with sea cream. I can't remember whether or not I got boba. In any case, I really didn't like the taste of what I got, recalling it was mostly tasteless (cf. 20150328).

Sample of taro iced tea.
Today I came here with my friends and I didn't order anything, but I did try some samples.* The taro tastes similar to the mung bean in both texture and sweetness, with the taro being slightly sweeter. The 7 Leaves herbal tea tastes sweet like the teas they serve at Teavana (that tea shop that's usually found in malls).

Vietnamese iced coffee with boba.
Overall, I like the taro best, the herbal tea second best, and the mung bean was good, but not as good as the other two. 3:25PM PT

*Actually I wasn't going to drink a sample either, but I thought I would get one and let my friends have it. Of course, one thing led to another and we were circulating our samples among ourselves.

Today I went to the newer 7 Leaves Cafe located in Fountain Valley and got the jasmine tea with sea cream (no add-ons) 3.

The drink today was great. In contrast to my thoughts on 20140807, I liked the jasmine tea with sea cream. 10:54PM PT

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