Video Game Scribblenauts Unlimited (PC) (2012)

Scribblenauts Unlimited (PC) (2012)

Maxwell and his sister Lily
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Capital City Firehouse
Today I gave myself a small break and the game I decided to sit down and play was Scribblenauts Unlimited. While this was my first time playing any game in the Scribblenauts series, I have seen my friends play the original Scribblenauts (2009) on the Nintendo DS.

Capital City
Having looked forward to playing Scribblenauts for quite some time, I may have set my expectations too high and felt slightly disappointed by the game's simplicity. Though to be fair, I only played about an hour of the game and I would have to admit that the game was still fun.

The majority of tasks I encountered can be accomplished with straightforward answers.

St. Asterisk
However, what makes the game fun is the animation and endless opportunities the player has at his/her disposal for interacting with the Scribblenaut world.

Overall, Scribblenauts Unlimited is a fun puzzle game and its difficulty is perfect for a casual gaming experience.

Instant Comments:
What!?! I gave him a tuxedo but he put on something else.

The Under Line
Today I played for an additional half hour for a total of over two hours of game time.

When I had stopped playing, I had almost completed the entirety of the first two areas. I was unable to figure out the toxic waste in Capital City Runoff and the Minotaur in Full Stop Diner. [Edit: I also neglected to notice the stork in St. Asterisk.]

Hyphen Heights
Today I played a little bit more. First, by luck and experimentation, I managed to take care of the toxic waste in Capital City Runoff. While a solution is a solution, the one I stumbled upon wouldn't have been practical in real life.

Second, upon realizing I had misread the problem, I was able to solve the Minotaur in Full Stop Diner.

World Map

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