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Because I'd seen these episodes one time fewer than the rest, I decided to start watching season 6 to even up the score.


6ACV01 S06AE01 N07E01
B: This episode picks right up from where "Into the Wild Green Wonder" ends.
A,B,D: "It's sort of a Comedy Central channel, and we're on it now!" "I get it." [C: Usually Fry says "I get it," but this time Amy says it]
C: Ha. The Professor has an entire bubble while the rest of the crew only have helmets.
D: The Professor mentions "rebirth"
A,B: This entire opening is full of ridiculous sci-fi, ending with "Coma, coma, coma, coma-chameleon." [The over the top weirdness resumed with Leela screaming]
C: LEGO versions of Leela and Fry.
A: "I have to go! This is just too freaky!" "Don't get upset, Leela. She's nothing like you." "I have to go! This is just too freaky!"
C: I suddenly remembered the plot twist when the two Leela's start fighting.
B: Fry: "But how is this possible?" Professor: "Who knows?" "Oh, I do." Hahaha.
B,C: [1: Hahahaha.] He's gonna go to the urinal and talk about himself. [C: We just learned Leela uploaded Fry from his surveillance videos of his time in the urinal..]
A: "Hasta la vista, wiener." "We'll be back...for our stuff." B: References The Terminator (1984).
B: "Why did their voices change?" "That's the one thing we'll never truly understand."
A=20110529 04:40-05:00,* B=1=20131006 18:22-18:44, C=2=20150928 07:75-08:17, D=3=20170523 22:00

*Perhaps since so much time had passed, instead of continuing on with season 6, I started back at season 1, episode 1 (on 20121015)


6ACV02 S06AE02 N07E02
C: "I wax my rocket everyday."
B,C,Da: Haha, so true. "It does on CSI: Miami."
B,C,Db: References Star Wars: "All death spheres have one vulnerable opening."
C: "Does anybody else feel aroused, jealous, and worried?"
B,Db: Ha. "Activating the force."
C,Db: V-GINY (A reference to V-GER)
Db: "Who's up for an orgy?" - Amy
B: Shrapnel vision.
B: "So... the orgy's off?" - Amy
C: It's interesting how Zapp can be so cunning
C,Db: "Adult bookstore? I thought this was the public library." "Nope, Pubic Library."
Db: They reference the incest that must have happened if the world was just populated by Adam and Eve.
C: Upon hearing "V-GINY," I chuckled. And then Fry chuckled.
C: Leela takes one for the sake of Earth
B=1=20131006 20:42-21:04, C=2=20150928 08:17-08:39, Da=3=20170523 22:19, Db=3=20170526 19:09


Attack of the Killer App
6ACV03 S06AE03 N07E03
C: 40% Chromium. Thus far, Bender is also 30% Iron and 40% Dolomite.
B: Lol. "Let's at least throw this tv out, the batteries in the remote are getting low."
C: Lol. "Stop thinking Fry."
B: Satirizes Apple and the iPhone.
C: "Shut up and take my money!"
B: Ha. "Why is it called an eyePhone?"
C: Now for the earpeace.
B: Also refers to Twitter.
C: ""
C: "The real housewives of Sim City."
C: The eyePhone is actually a bit more like Google Glass in terms of how it works.
C: When Fry refers to standards, Bender makes like he doesn't know.
C: The crew takes showers together, how could this boil not have come up before. [Oh, because she lances it]
D: "Eww. He sneezed in it." - Amy
C: Marilyn Monroe.
B,C,D: [1: Hahaha.] "Actually, Fry and Bender may share some of same followers. All we can say for sure is that there will be between one million and two million zombies."
C: Interesting, this episode offered no solution to the situation.
B=1=20131006 21:08-pauses-21:38, C=2=20150928 20:45-21:05, D=3=20170526


Proposition Infinity
6ACV04 S06AE04 N07E04
D: The $10000 case has $5000 in it.
C: The robot cop uses the Vulcan nerve pinch.
C: I guess Amy and Bender didn't do it in Bender's Game. But they surely do it in this episode.
B: Robosexuals.
C: "Look! A single mother! Let's get her."
C: Bender's antenna shrinks (cause it's the equivalent of a male human penis)
C: "Or one." - Zoidberg
C: "Hopes... deleted." - Winebot.
B: "Look at all that awkward winking." "It must be love."
C: Preacherbot gets off on the robosexuality.
B: What? They were all there?
B,C: [B: Hahahahahahaha.] [C: Hahaha.] "Yeah, we got to legalize it!" "We're talking about robosexual marriage." "We're talking about lots of stuff."
C: "Unit 47"
C: "What's next? Gay robosexual marriage?"
C: [cheers] "Monogamous?"
B=1=20131006 21:38-21:59, C=2=20150928 21:05-21:26, D=3=20170526 17:35


The Duh-Vinci Code
6ACV05 S06AE05 N07E05
C: "Who Dares to Be A Millionaire"
C: Two fingerlongers.
C: Aww... "Maybe we can figure it out." "We? Hahaha."
C: "Jesus Christ! And his twelve apostles."
C: "My doctorate is in art history." - Zoidberg
C: Future-Roma. An altered version of the Futurama Theme plays.
C: II^XI - (XXIII*LXXXIX) = 2^11 - (23*89) = 1.
C: Opens up "Da Vinci's Code"
C: Hahahaha. (Trevi Fountain) [3: "There can be no question." "But Professor..."] "There can be no question!"
B: Ha. No way there'd really be enough propulsion to leave Earth's gravity.
D: Wait, how did Fry and Professor Farnsworth survive for a month without food and water.
C: References Leonardo DiCaprio and Titanic (1997).
C: Ha. "Looks like eating rocks wasn't as dumb as you said."
B: Doomsday machine.
C: "Just cause I'm stupider than them, they think they're smarter than me."
B=1=20131006 22:49-pauses-23:43, C=2=20150928 21:26-21:49, D=3=20170526 17:47

The actual Pantheon.

Lethal Inspection
6ACV06 S06AE06 N07E06
B,D: "Not the Civil War, we're enacting the Sithal War." "Sith? What the Hoth?"
C: "The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long."
D: Bender talks about his ability to live past humans. But in truth, he's vulnerable to a reset or hack. [I stand corrected, the point is that he can upload his back-up. Though there's a philosophical question on identity]
D: Oh, haha, I forgot what this episode was about: Bender's vulnerability
D: On the wall is a sign that says "PLEASE DON'T WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK".
C: "Wow, until now I thought giant cubes were exciting."
D: Ha, a guy got thrown out of his office.
D: Oh... Hermes informs us that the computer only unlocks for the inspector it belongs too.
C: "XX", "YY", and "ZZ" come before "#1".
C,D: "They have phones in booths now?" (Hermes tosses his cell phone)
C: "I can't run anymore, I'll have to skip."
B,C: [1: Hahaha.] "Ok, I would also have accepted a bribe."
D: "You know that terminal's unhackable!"
C: "He did it! And he's not looking back at that cool explosion."
C: Hahaha, I get it. "I've smoked a lot of paper in my life."
C: It's strange because no one took his place as #5.
B: Cute ending. D: The ending would probably make this one of my favorite episodes if there was a way to pick favorite Futurama episodes.
B=1=20131007 22:22-22:44, C=2=20150929 20:08-20:29, D=3=20170527 23:25


The Late Philip J. Fry
6ACV07 S06AE07 N07E07
C,D: References the previous episode (in particular Fry sleeping with his grandmother)
D: Why did they all have to test it?
C: Ha. References Planet of the Apes (1968).
D: Haha. "Everywhere I looked there were piles of bodies. And then the explosion struck."
C: I believe this references The Time Machine (2002). (The intelligent race and the Dumblocks)
C: Possibly references the future as found in the future of The Terminator (1984). (Machines take over)
B: "So long Earth. Thanks for air and whatnot." References the fourth book of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "So Long, and Thanks for All The Fish."
B: Haha. "Oh the emptiness." Shakes empty beer can.
B: Hahahahahaha. "I'll shoot Hitler out the window."
B,C,D: Haha. "That was the old Fry. He's dead now."
C: "What I'll remember is our time together." (Because that's also what she said in her message to him)
D: Bender digging a grave for the versions they replaced.
B=1=20131007 22:44-23:06, C=2=20150929 20:29-20:50, D=3=20170923


That Darn Katz!
6ACV08 S06AE08 N07E08
C: She's been his doctorate student for twelve years. "You were ready six years ago."
D: Wait, since when did Nibbler start talking to Leela? [Apparently he first talked to them during Bender's Big Score and forgot to wipe their memories.]
C: "You're place or mine?" "Both. But first, this place."
B,C: Hahaha. "The horse says, 'Doctorate denied.'" (We expect it to say 'Nay' like the other members of the committee, and because horses neigh.)
B: Ha. Nibbler gets to interact with the characters now.
C: "Aww, it's anus looks like an asterisk."
C,D: References Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977).
B,C: "Yay, I'm finally done with school. How's the job market?" "Ruff."
B: "You've got a bright future Amy. As sure as the sun sets in the east." Which is to say, apparently not that sure at all.
B=1=20131007 23:06-23:28, C=2=20150929 20:50-21:11, D=3=20170923


A Clockwork Origin
6ACV09 S06AE09 N07E09
D: Orangutan.
D: Flying spaghetti monster.
D: "Another one of Fry's dogs."
C: Usually people break a nail. Amy lost her finger.
C: Homo farnsworth should not have the family name Homo.
C,D: Haha. The ship gets destroyed, "Oh no! My sunglasses were in there." - Leela
C: Hehehe. "1/2 their rocks."
D: It took the Professor 2 hours to build the spaceshit, but 12 hours to fashion a slingshot.
D: R2-D2 is part of the evolution of robots.
C: Hehe. The next state of evolution.
B: Huh. That was sort of uncalled for. "I'm serious. He's a terrible person." - Zoidberg (about Cubert)
B: Interesting episode though.
B=1=20131007 23:28-23:50, C=2=20150930 00:05-00:27, D=3=20170923


The Prisoner of Benda
6ACV10 S06AE10 N07E10
C: I suppose for convenience they retain their original voices.
B,D: Hahaha. "I'm afraid we need to use... math."
C: HAHAHA. The trapeze robot drops down with bullet holes.
C: There's a pig on Hermes's ice cream [we later learn that this was Amy in Hermes's body, that she in Hermes's body was motivated to lose weight, and that she inspired Hermes in Leela's body to lose weight]
C,D: Sad, and weird. (Scruffy and the bucket), 3: ::cries:: Yep.
C: "Shut up baby I know it"
C: Oh wow. The Professor (Leela) and Zoidberg (Fry). "That was nice."
C: "And they say pure math has no real world applications."
C: The solution is displayed in full. Though my friend posed the question* to me prior to me watching this episode and I was able to come up with the answer.
B=1=20131007 23:50-24:12, C=2=20150930 00:27-00:49, D=3=20170925

*What is the smallest number of extra persons required to ensure everybody returns to normal regardless of the situation?


Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences*
6ACV11 S06AE11 N07E11
C: Matt Groening and David X. Cohen present "Futurella"
B,D: Haha. "Wow, Fox has really streamlined the process." (Futurella already gets cancelled)
D: "What the hell are you suppose to be?" - Leela dressed as Princess Leia. "Every nerd's fantasy baby." - Bender dressed as Leela.
B: Bender basically dresses as Leela and wins the costume contest.
B: Ha. Before hair is added, he looks like Shrek. See Shrek (2001).
B: Hahahaha. Fry's updated comic is worst than the first.
B,C: Cross-species dresser. [C: Haha.]
C: "We need a War of the Worlds. I'll call Orson Welles."
C: Alphabetically near H.G. Wells.
C: Now stay tuned for little orphaned Annie.
D: "Whatever, I offer no resentment against her."
C: HAHAHAHA. "Thank my meteor wishing power... with your lips."
C: Haha. The list of sewer items ends with Safeway ice cream.
D: "Goodnight, dumb prince."
D: "Come back Lrrr. I want to have your Popplers."
B=1=20131008 23:21-23:43, C=2=20150930 18:01-18:22, D=3=20170925

*Their names are Lrrr and Ndnd.


The Mutants Are Revolting*
6ACV12 S06AE12 N07E12
C: "He's gyroscopicly stable."
B,D: Hahahaha. Bender runs backwards a full round, then goes forward a full round before jumping; B: Quite unexpected; D: I remembered him running backwards across the bridge, but forgot that he also ran forward past it.
C: Hahaha. Brown University (which is a real university)
C: Zoidberg lands via umbrella like Mary Poppins. D: Hahaha, "Three dollars at the drug store."
C: Land Titanic Parodies Titanic.
D: Huh. I don't think I noticed the various characters at Bender's party until today.
C: Hahahahaha. "Sorry, I tried to scream but I barfed."
D: Ha! "Blood of your first born children."
C: "Let my people stay."
D: "Horray! A happy ending for the rich people!" - Zoidberg
D: Mutants get to be on the surface!
D: One of the fun endings. Everybody's dancing and bending.
B=1=20131008 23:43-24:05, C=2=20150930 18:23-18:45, D=3=20170925

*The show's plot has the crew celebrating the 100th delivery. It is the 100th episode.


The Futurama Holiday Spectacular
6ACV13 S06AE13 N07E13
First Story
C: Norwegian
C: "And I brought a few seeds of my own." - Hermes
D: "No."
C: Lol. The seeds have been cross-contaminated by germs.
C: Cheney replaces Agnew as Nixon's vice president (of the world).
C: Now he admits it. "Oh yeah, I suppose."
C: Hahaha. "Stay tuned for the next holiday hilarity."
Second Story
D: Fry plays the holophonor.
C: Hahahaha. "Because it doesn't have any pigment."
C: "My ice cream manwich!"
C: "I thought they were selfish, but in the end, it turns out it was I who thought they were selfish."
Third Story
C: "And now, the unrelated conclusion" - Narrator
D: Barbados Slim!?!
C: Kwanzaa Bot comes in through the wall like Kool-Aid man.
C: In his song he references two other episodes.
C,D: Hahahahaha. "Maybe a taste of sweet nectar straight from the hive?"
C: This time everybody goes to the deadly bee hive.
D: "It's like the Jagermeister air show all over again."
C: Google Hive.
D: Al Gore was in all three segments.
B=1=######## ##:##-##:##, C=2=20151001 19:04-19:24, D=3=20171001


The Silence of the Clamps
6ACV14 S06BE05 N08E01
D: "Who likes good news? Everyone?"
C: References The Godfather
C: "I'm Bender, [...] of disguise."
B,C: [1: Haha.] Joke after joke. Awesome. (watchers, witnesses, daughter, meatballs)
C: "Now Hiring: Anyone will do."
B,D: Fry (voiced by Billy West) says, "Billy West. What a stupid, phony, made-up name!"
C: I love the Western theme.
D: Ha. The Professor is looking the wrong way.
B: Haha. "My name isn't Slick, it's Zoidberg. John (bleeping) Zoidberg!"
C: "That offer was for a limited time only."
C: Smile. "Oh, shucks." (as opposed to "Oh, shit.")
B,C: Hahahahaha. "I'll just cut that." "You do and I'll (bleeping) cut you like a fish!" Oh Zoidberg.
B=1=20131012 18:06-18:28, C=2=20151001 19:25-19:45, D=3=20171003


Möbius Dick
6ACV15 S06BE08 N08E02
B,D: Ha! "I never said he had hair! If you chose to imagine him that way, that's your business."
B: "10, 9 and so on, 3, 2, 1."
B,C: "You've gone from crazy like a fox, to crazy like Fox news!"
B,C: Ha! Bender is the first under the pile and then somehow the last as well.
B: "Negative, Sailor Moon."
C: "Uncountably infinite."
B: Ha. "My days of joy and luck are over. I guess I have to quit that club." References Joy Luck Club.
B,D: "I'll admit to a polite interest."
B: References Fonzie in Happy Days. Zoidberg brushes his hair back and says, "Eh!"
B=1=20131012 18:28-18:50, C=2=20151001 19:45-20:06, D=3=20171003


Law & Oracle
6ACV16 S06BE04 N08E03
D: Haha. Gets hit by a bus (just like in the video game).
C: "D. Frosted Wang."
C: Mentions that Scruffy was brought back to life.
B: Police Academy. Not affiliated with Police Academy IV.
D: Sound Effects 5000 parodies the character in Police Academy.
C: Zoidberg gets hit with a baton. "Police brutality!"
C: "Aren't you gonna say, 'Good news, everyone.'"; B: Ha. The Professor admits that he says "Good news, everyone," for the sake of Fry.
C: References Avatar: "Can't we just send our Avatars?"
B: The police chase and light cycles / light ribbons reference Tron.
B: "Whoa. Where'd my man learn that?" "Sunny D Commercial."
B: Schrodinger. There's a cat in the box. Is it alive or dead!?!
C: Future police. (Minority Report)
B: Pandora. The place is in 3D and she knocks over a tree. References Avatar (2009).
B,C,D: Hahaha. Bender throws a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the camera. Words appear on screen prompting the viewer to put on 3D glasses a minute ago.
B: Future Crimes Division motto: "WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID NEXT SUMMER"
B: The only movie I know with this idea is Minority Report (2002). [Yes, it references Minority Report]
B,D: "Congratulations on your big bust." "You too."
B: She drops a big one: a baby. Ha!
C: Haha. "Bender would never share!"
D: "Executive Delivery Boy." C: Hermes tells Leela, "It's a meaningless title, but it helps insecure people feel better about themselves." Then the executive producers are listed. (Matt Groening and David X. Cohen)
B=1=20131012 18:50-19:12, C=2=20151001 20:06-20:28, D=20171003


6ACV17 S06BE02 N08E04
B: So that's where baby sweaters come from.
C: Banach-Tarski
C,Da: Amy screams, "Ahh! A big fat roach!" Hermes exclaims,"What? I thought I put that away."
Da: The non-convergent series is written mathematically.
B: "Don't wait for me." Hahaha.
B: "Like the Kardashians."
C: "Cero Equis"
C: "Oh no. What will I mix with my scotch!"
Db: There's a suspension of disbelief since molecules do not scale mathematically.
Db: "Ah!!! "You're momma so ugly."
B=1=20131013 21:08-21:30, C=2=20151001 20:28-20:49, Da=3=20171003, Db=3=20171003


The Tip of the Zoidberg
6ACV18 S06BE10 N08E05
C: The first meeting of Dr. Zoidberg and Farnsworth.
D: He's developed Simpson jaundice: Fry is yellow like on The Simpsons.
B: Garfield Syndrome. D: "I hate Mondays."
B: References Kermit the Frog. "It's not easy being gangrenous."
B: Then Smurfs. Haha.
C: "If I'm gonna fire anyone, it'll be Scruffy."
C: Hahaha. Zoidberg has no reservations.
D: Murdalator.
C: Hahaha. Salad.
D: "Don't lecture me about alien physiology, Conrad."
B: "My God. He's like some kind of believable Hulk."
C,D: HA! "It wasn't suppose to do any of those things."
B=1=20131013 21:30-21:52, C=2=20151001 20:49-21:11, D=3=20171003


Ghost in the Machines
6ACV19 S06BE03 N08E06
C: "I'll... save... one of... you..."
B,C: Haha [C: hahaha]. D: "This day will be known as 'Fry Day.'"
C: What. D: The mayor's wife.
D: As if it makes a difference: "It won't be suicide, it'll be murder."
C: "DeadEx"
C: Amy takes Bender's eyes out as meditation balls, so here they are spheres instead of cylinders.
D: "We once traded hands..."
C: "Who you gonna call?" "Ghost..."
C: Zoidberg plays the theremin.
C: Theme to The Exorist (1973).
C: Hahaha. "It also keeps cats off the sofa... by killing 'em."
D: "And my cleavage isn't helping." "Not helping him."
C: Flight to the Amish Homeworld: "Passengers are limited to two carry-on butterchurns."
D: Gives him an orange beard.
D: Bender rejects heaven.
B=1=20131013 21:56-22:18, C=2=20151001 21:53-22:15, D=3=20171003 22:15-22:36


6ACV20 S06BE01 N08E07
C: A loophole: pay. D: "It's in all our contracts. ..."
C: Haha. A three month calendar... Couldn't they just cycle through and serve up four poses each?
C: "... Chocolate/Vanilla, Mac/PC, one is always better." D: Bender replies, "Chocolate, Mac, men. The end."
C: These questions/tests are awesome.
C: "Did one of you chicks change the thermostat?" While that plays into a stereotype, I certainly like brave Zoidberg more than cowardly Zoidberg.
C,D: HAHAHAHA. "My gonopores!" (Everybody looks around) "Look it up!"
C: Hahahaha. Has to get sleep to wake up five times to play XBox.
C,D: "Now when I say stupid things, guys all laugh and buy me stuff."
C,D: Hehe. Scruffy. "What'd I miss?"
B=1=20131013 22:28-22:50, C=2=20151001 22:15-22:36, D=3=20171004


Yo Leela Leela
6ACV21 S06BE06 N08E09
D: Ha. That taxi cab.
C: Hehe. "He means 'anymore.'"; D: I wonder if I previously thought it was funny because of the grammar or because of the books. This time it's because of the books.
C: HA! "Miss Leela, I have a question." "Yes?" "That story was bad." "That's not really a question." "That wasn't really a story."
C: "Please don't."
D: Ha. Fry can proficiently play the trombone.
D: "4:21 Daquiri."
C: When Bender walks in... that's enough to get me. (trombone, tap dance, tug boat, pachinko, the Professor's nagging)
D: Ha! "I'm not having any problem." - Fry (going pee in his costume).
D: Ha. Repetition.
C: "Super Size Me!"
C: "I'm a mostly natural high."
C: Haha. Even in the skit Fry says "I get it."
C, D: Self-references their cancellations.
C: Sponge-bot as a reference to SpongeBob SquarePants.
C: Menage-A-Toys.
C: Young People's Choice Award in contrast to Old People's Choice Award (Oscars)
C: "Viewers like you." D: "I'm the star of the show."
C: HAHAHA. Hahaha. "Sometimes, when we're mad, We say words that are bad."
D: "Those are the 98 words we don't say."
B=1=20131013 22:50-23:12, C=2=20151001 22:36-22:58, D=3=20171015 21:48


Fry Am the Egg Man
6ACV22 S06BE09 N08E09
D: Pokes fun at organic
B: I missed the first half of the episode with the creature.
C: "He would not do this to a sheep. He would not, could not, to a sheep." References Dr. Seuss.
C: "Jinkies. He Scooby-Doo'd us."
B=1=20131013 23:12-23:34, C=2=20151001 22:58-23:19, D=3=20171017


All the Presidents' Heads
6ACV23 S06BE07 N08E10
D: "What's with the 17 dung beetles?" (Suggests Fry is an idiot savant)
C: Fry has a night job at the Head Museum.
D: "Where are we? And when are we?" Fry surprisingly asks the right question.
D: The chicken!
D: "You may go Louisa." "Now I get it."
D: Ha, for the third time. "That scrap metal I ordered is here." C: "I'm 40% scrap metal."
D: "You idiot, I'm not a cannon."
D: "Bite my shiny metal aff."
B=1=20131013 23:34-23:56, C=2=20151001 23:20-23:40, Da=3=20171017 14:43, Db=3=20171021


Cold Warriors
6ACV24 S06BE11 N08E11
D: References the seven-leaf clover.
C: "I just got a new thing of glitter."
D: Anything is possible in science.
C: Hahaha. Hermes references Airborne which was made by a school teacher (Airbunk)
C: Haha, Obama was working as a delivery boy.
C: Smile. Kimchi, the troop interpreter.
C: Aww... his dad saluted the hamster. D: His dad salutes the hamster.
C: Randomly shows a Verizon coverage map. D: "This is a Verizon coverage map."
D: Zoidberg says, "They must have ran out of piranhas."
D: Another episode with a heartwarming ending. (Though "Lethal Inspection" is much better.)
B=1=20131013 23:56-24:18, C=2=20151002 20:03-20:24, D=3=20171115

Some day, you may face adversities so preposterous, I can't even conceive of them. But I know you'll pull through and make me proud. I love you, son.

6ACV25 S06BE12 N08E12
C: XCube
C: Delayed laugh. "Of course, you're always in it. Also Terminator."
C: Hehe. "Ding dong."
B: Hehe: clicked without reading.
C: Oh, it pokes fun at software agreements.
D: "I clicked without reading." B: Ha: "I slightly modified a thing that I owned."
C: "Nibbler on the Roof"
B: Ha. He hooked himself up to the water cooler.
B, D: Ha. B: "Wait a minute..." and the wrong conclusion follows. D: "Not that ceiling fan."
B,C: Hahaha. "Randy!?! Have you been hanging out with Randy?"
B: References Babe (1995). "That'll do pig."
B,C: Ha. "Hang'em both."
C: "There's no time now. Quick, Zoidberg, take three steps to your right." D: Hahaha.
C: Hahaha. They get to the end of the first page and Bender flips it.
B=1=20131013 24:18-24:40, C=2=20151002 20:24-20:45, D=3=20171115


6ACV26 S06BE13 N08E13
B: Done in the style of old cartoons.
D: Because they keep bouncing, Professor Farnsworth constantly adjusts the telescope
C: "Not even God 1 and God 2 put together."
C, D: Takes mushrooms, similar to Popeye eating spinach.
C: "Is my eye playing trick on me?"
C: Bender comes out like Porky the Pig and imitates "That's all folks!" D: But he says, "That's all you get jerks."


B: Then in the style of 8-bit gaming.
C: The Futurama theme plays but in the style of 8-bit gaming.
D: Diamondium from the previous segment.
C: "Bite my 8-bit metal ass."
D: Space invader creatures at the atomic level.
D: Looks like maybe Dig Dug when Hermes tells everyone to get back to work.
C, D: The beer bar game.
C, D: A Mario pipe.
C, D: Punch-Out!! "Body blow. Body blow."


B: Finally in the style of anime. Though perhaps a very specific type.
D: Oh. This episode also refers to the Diamondium.
C: The anime version of Professor Farnsworth does an anime version of "Whaa"
D: Ha. Leela's costume had a drawstring that pulls the skirt shorter.
C: Fry and Bender dance in tandem on DDR pads.
D: Zoidberg's mouth stopped moving, but his voice was still talking.
B=1=20131013 24:41-25:03, C=2=20151002 20:45-21:07, D=3=20171115


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