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Bender's Big Score
5ACV01-04 S00E01-04 NF06E01
1: So many puns and references.
2: "That's why they call me 11-inch Conrad." I get it.
2: "And introducing Zylex."
1: Having seen this before, I was able to focus on certain details involving Lars. [2: In particular, you can hear the voice if you concentrate]
2: "You must be at least this naked" [...] "Watch and learn."
2: "Here's your package sir."
2: The Professor has Thug Life tattoo'd on his back.
1: "I'm Scruffy. The janitor."
2: Reading the code triggered a message to 'God' from Godfella (3ACV20).
2: Paradox correcting.
2: Damn, Herme's wife is...
2: "A Brief History of Time Travel"
2: "Let's just say he won't make it to the Last Supper." Interesting. He doesn't forget of its existence.
2: "You do a nice handjob Zoidberg."
2: He's wearing his fingerlonger.

2: Use variation of paramaters and expand the Wronskian.
1: References The Terminator (1984): "Like some sort of dispatcherator?" "Yes, and don't forget to terminate him." [2: "What's with the sunglasses?" "It's really bright in the past."]
2: Ha. "After I kill Fry you're next."
2: The Bush-Gore ballot were caused by Bender. Interesting, because among the paradoxes, this was somehow consistent with history.
2: "You're not getting smarter." [...] "I'd like to see you try." (So cute!!!)
2: This episode explains how Fry's dog got instantly fossilized.
2: "Also, 50TB of porn."
1: Haha. "They won't know, but you will. Lucky you."
2: Narrator says, "They won't know, but you will. Lucky you."
1: "Cruel runnings, man." Refererences "Cool Runnings"
2: "Everybody Loves Hypno Toad" as a play on "Everybody Loves Raymond."
2: "The Force is with us, but that's about it."
2: "Or is this one of those phony bologna feel-good wars like the War on Drugs?"
2: Hehe "BINGO!"
2: The theme plays. Hermes grunts along. Possibly one of the coolest moments in Futurama thus far.
2: Potato Head.
1=20131001 14:08-15:36*, 2=20150927 15:04-16:32*
*Film version

The Beast with a Billion Backs
5ACV05-08 S00E05-08 NF06E02
2: "That was my left testical."
2: Alluding to Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch (4ACV01): "Aren't you also the grand midwife?"
2: Self-referencing: "It's like a movie with this happening in it."
2: Haha. "You may eat the snake... if you so choose."
2: Bender draws a face on the cabbage, it reminds me of how Tom Hank's character drew a face on the volleyball in Cast Away (2000).
2: Three times as expendable.
2: "No crap, my grandma was a bulldozer!"
2: Fry takes his coffee enema to go.
2: References the League of Robots.
2: "Normal Combat" (as opposed to Mortal Kombat)
2: Bender takes a picture and says, "Neat."
1b: I previously woke up and watched the ending (from the one hour mark and on), but having missed the middle, I resumed the film today at 23 minutes.

2: Hahahaha. The koala goes right through and out the window.
2: "Playtime is fun time."
1b,2: "Stowaway Hatch 35 Unauthorized Access Only"
2: "Whoo! Just like med school!"
2: "It's a bird." "It's a plane." "I'm so out of here."
1b: References King Kong (1933) (1976)(2005).
1b: "No, I'm just trying to fit my diction to the importance of what I'm saying."
2: Red Minotaur
2: "Stop! In the name of love!"
1b: Leela has elbow talons.
1b: Her shirt reads "For any X, I heart X."
2: Universe Gamma
2: Wow. The universe's decision to go was practically unanimous (except for Leela)
2: The literal translation of fonfon ru is "one who does not sleep with my superior officer"
1b: I think this episode/movie, of all the episodes/movies, makes least sense.
2: I guess it made more sense on this viewing. It also closed the whole in the universe.
1a=20131001 15:40-##:##, 1b=20131006 16:25-17:33*, 2=20150927 16:33-18:00*
*Film version

Bender's Game
5ACV09-12 S00E09-12 NF06E03
2: Dungeons & Dragons.
2: Whose face was in the stardust?
1a: Paused at around 10 minutes.
1b: Ha. It was only half a ball.
2: Bender is sent to the HAL institute (for a second time). But this time he's actually crazy.
1b: References The Jetsons. Implies she killed both the dog and Elroy.
1b: It's funny 'cause it's literal: "That blade missed me by my skin of my pants."
2: Haha. A hobo and a rabbit. "But they're making a Hobbit."
2: Frydo, Leegola, and Greyfarn.
2: Music similar to the score of Lord of the Rings plays as they travel through the world.

2: An Ent named Treedledum.
2: Gynecaladriel (Queen of the Water nymphos)
2: "Geysers of Gygax."
2: Lol. The Teletubbies wave.
2: Wait, Fry is Frodo, and yet squats like Gollum.
2: References White Castle.
2: Dodecalicious
2: Bender slept with Amy (er... Titanius slept with Gynecaladriel)
2: Oh, Zoidberg is like Samwise Gamgee
2: "Eat the wizard, eat the slut, eat the robot's shiny butt!"
2: "So it's all come down to this... a dungeon... and dragons!"
2: "You are my father." [...] "Search your feelings, you know it to be true." (Star Wars)
2: The credits dedicate the show to Gary Gygax who passed away. The clip of him from Anthology of Interest I (2ACV16) plays, "Anyone want to play Dungeons & Dragons for the next quadrillion years?
1a=20131002 23:57-24:08*, 1b=20131003 11:14-12:29*, 2=20150927 18:00-19:30*
*Film version

Into the Wild Green Younder
5ACV13-16 S00E13-16 NF06E04
2: Miragio.
2: "There, they're not endangered anymore. They're extinct."
2: Leela's on and off with the leech is hilarious.
1a: Lol. "Do me a favor and drive my wife home. It's one of those self-driving cars, so just sit in the back and do whatever."
1a: Ha. "Oh wait, that's invisibility."
2: Sometimes Fry's stupidity is too much. (He already had a token, but he also paid)
2: "See this gun? [crushes it] That's what I'm gonna do to Bender when he wins."

2: HAHAHA. WTF. Bender got dealt a coaster and they counted it as a fifth king.
2: Lol. The removal of their career chips. (Followed by the reinstallation)
2: Ha. Zapp lost his entire crew.
1c: Yesterday I fell asleep and resumed the movie today at 1 hr 8 min, several minutes before the last scene I remember.
1c: "That's what it says on my vanity plate." 1 DVS BSTD (= one devious bastard)
2: Scruffy is one of the more subtle jokes.
2: "Windows Vista"
1c: Snoop Dogg's thoughts: "Naked ladies, naked ladies, naked ladies."
2: "Should we wave them like we just don't care?"
2: I totally forgot who the Dark One actually was. That's ironic.
1c,2: "Huh, I thought you only saved the DNA of endangered species." "Farewell." "I guess he didn't hear me."
2: "Wait for me."
1a=20131003 12:30-12:43, 1b=20131005 23:48-##:##, 1c=20131006 ##:##-16:21, 2=20150928 06:28-07:55

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