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Amazon Women in the Mood
3ACV01 S03E05 NF03E05
1=20130907 21:38-22:00
2=20150919 00:52-01:13
2: The cellphone is small, but the CELLMATE is humongous.
1: Poor Kif, how did he ever get stuck with Zapp Brannigan?
2: One and a half = Dinner and the first half of a movie.
2: Hahaha. Those pick-up lines.
1: "Total Eclipse of the Heart." (Bonnie Tyler)
2: "Leela." (a parody of "Lola" by The Kinks)
2: Commentary of American culture and women
2: Hahaha. "Death by snu snu." [Fry and Zapp cheer, Kif sighs.
2: Hahahaha. "Take them to the chambers." Fry and Zapp switch between smiles and frowns.

Parasites Lost
3ACV02 S03E04 NF03E04
1=20130907 21:15-21:38
2=20150919 00:30-00:52
2: "Scruffy, the janitor."
1: "Leela, I love you." Huh. I suppose his revealed feelings in 2ACV17 didn't make a lasting impression.
1: Zoidberg comes riding in on a sperm. "Yippie-ki-yay! You'll never guess where I've just been."
2: She lives in Apartment 1-I.
2: According to the worms, he only partially damaged his brain, so he technically should be smarter. Maybe that's how he's able to play the holophoner.
1: Cute ending.

A Tale of Two Santas
3ACV03 S04E02 NF04E01
1=20130908 19:53-20:16
2=20150924 21:30-pause-22:52
1: Ha. "Oh, pushing."
1: "Awful! Lets read some more."
2: "Slow. Fast. Lucy" I suppose this is a reference to "I Love Lucy."
1: Haha! Haha! "Now, would you please point at that robot over there." She points. Crowd gasps.
2: "I'm Santa Claus" "I'm Santa Clause" Reference to "Spartacus.
1: Ha. "And I'm his friend Jesus."
1, 2: Hahaha. "I help those who help themselves."
2: Santa asks Bender to join like Rudolph.
2: It's not necessarily the intention of the writer, but one could interpret the episode as being a commentary on the difficulty of effecting social change.

The Luck of the Fryrish
3ACV04 S04E02 NF03E08
1=20130907 22:44-23:07
2=20150919 01:56-02:19
2: Bender just outright admits to rigging the race. No one comments.
2: Scruffy leaves.
2: The Breakfast Club soundtrack.
2: "You're twice the 'the' he ever was."
2: One skull short of a Mouseketeer reunion.
2: This episode is where I first her "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. Great song.
1: I love this episode. I've certainly seen this more than once before.

The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
3ACV05 S03E09 NF03E07
1=20130907 22:22-22:44
2=20150919 01:35-01:56
2: He makes the Oreo, and then takes it apart.
1: Haha. One of the protester signs says, "Free Chilly Willy."
2: Possibly a reference to Titanic. They hit an iceberg.
1: That's good. "If only we had a tobaggon." Bender rides on top of Leela down the slope.
1: Ha! All the penguins slide into the orca's mouth.

Bendless Love
3ACV06 S03E06 NF03E06
1=20130907 22:00-22:22
2=20150919 01:13-01:35
2: Owl infestation.
2: When they show Bender getting made, one of the heads in the parts bucket is Flexo's head. Flexo was first seen in 2ACV06.
2: 'Unchained Melody' by The Righteous Brothers plays.
2: Fry trims his bush to look like the Planet Express Ship.
1: Bender makes some convoluted plan as a result of his jealousy. Fry responds and says, "That's thinking like a man."
1, 2: Hahaha[ha]. "Oh how I would love to believe or understand that!"
2: Bender messed up big time.
2: Ha. "Well I don't know much about lifting, so that just leaves the one option."
2: Haha. Bends him back further.

The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
3ACV07 S03E07 NF03E12
20130908 00:16-00:39
20150921 00:24-00:49
1: Other than learning about Nibbler's true intelligence, this episode wasn't that interesting.
2: Technically, also interesting is that Fry is special.
2: Moby Dick, Tom Sawyer, Pride and Prejudice
2: Hahaha. "I did it! And its all thanks to the books at my local library."
2: Employee sleep during movies.

That's Lobstertainment!
3ACV08 S03E08 NF03E13
1=20130908 00:39-01:01
2=20150921 00:50-01:12
2: "Collider? I just met her!"
1: Mel Gibson in "Bravehead." Ha. See Braveheart (1995).
1: The script is called "The Magnificent Three."
2: "I can guarantee you anything you want."
2: "OMG, Sylvester Stallone!"
2: Jack Nicholson, Billy Crystal
1: "Oh, pardon me, I see you're with Mr. Stallone." :D

The Cyber House Rules
3ACV09 S03E11 NF03E09
1=20130907 23:07-23:29
2=20150919 02:19-02:42
2: The card explodes after delivering a message. (Mission Impossible)
1: The man that greets Leela is Bureaucrat Grade 135.
2: Hahahaha. Amy had cuteness reduction surgery in several spots on her face.
2: She says "I blunk" instead of "I blinked."
2: "Oh, Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison.
2: "About time."
2: Bender flushes himself by pressing his antenna.
2: Cute ending.

Where the Buggalo Roam
3ACV10 S04E06 NF04E02
1=20130908 20:16-20:38
2=20150924 22:53-23:16
2: "This sounds like a job for..." [Superman]
2: "Is that your camouflage reflex or are you happy to see me?"
2: "Maybe we just made love."
1: References something: "I am the man with no name." [20131224: Reference to the Western film genre and perhaps more particularly Clint Eastwood's character in the Sergio Leone's Dollar Trilogy]
2: Native Martians are like Native Americans
2: Ha. There's entrance through the nose or the ass.
1: "You've come to the Wong place."
2: Lol. The bead is a diamond.
2: [Buggalos rumble by] "Dear Diary, I just made love for the second time." Wait, didn't Kif have snu snu already.

Insane in the Mainframe
3ACV11 S03E12 NF03E10
1=20130907 23:29-23:51
2=20150919 02:42-03:04
2: "My memories a little fuzzy, but it went exactly like this." - surveillance camera
2: What an incompetent judge.
2: "HAL Institute for the Criminally Insane" Reference to HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).
2: The machine that handed Fry his wig.
1: Ha. Is the one scene suppose to spoof One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)?
2: Why is there an incinerator everywhere?
2: "You're going to do his laundry?"
1, 2: Hahaha. "Just like inside me, I got the heart of a human."

The Route of All Evil
3ACV12 S05E03 NF05E03
1a=20130915 15:00-15:12
1b=20130925 22:38-22:48
2=20150926 23:01-23:22
2: Sam Adam's Head.
1a: Ha. Cheek-seeking kiss.
2: "We're practically old enough to [...]"
2: Bender is pregnant.
2: Only the Sunday paper can deliver itself. Ha.
1a: The Little Prince.
1a: Paused at 15:12
1b, 2: Hahaha. "Au revoir!"

Bendin' in the Wind
3ACV13 S03E13 NF03E14
1=20130908 01:01-01:23
2=20150921 01:12-01:34
2: "Yeah, yeah, I've gotten used cars before."
2: Mobil Dick Whale Oil
2: "Jimmy crack corn and I don't care..."
2: "Patchcorn Adams" (reference to "Patch Adams")
2: Hahaha. "That's like Christina Aguilera singing in Spanish."

Time Keeps on Slipping
3ACV14 S03E14 NF03E15
1=20130908 01:24-01:46
2=20150921 01:35-
2: "What's causing it? Is it my outfit?"
2: Zoidberg's birthday is the day after Amy's.
1: Fry gets Leela to marry him. Though it happens during a time skip.
1: Haha. Amy briefly suggests Fry isn't a great lover.
1: "I suppose I could part with one and still be feared."
2: Poor Bender.
1, 2: Aww... poor Fry. ("Did you see it? Did you see it?")

I Dated a Robot
3ACV15 S03E15 NF03E11
1=20130907 23:51-pauses-24:16
2=20150921 00:04-00:26
1: Ha. Destroys a planet. Goes to the edge of the universe.
1: "No. Just the two."
1: Rides a T. Rex.
1: Handcrafters! Ha.
2: "Do you have anything with a Lucy Liu feel to it?"
2: Hahaha. "Would you like to take a moment to register me?"
2: A copy in the VCR at all times. (two things wrong with that)
2: What!?! What is the relevance with aliens.
1: References Scooby Doo: "And we would have gotten away with it too, if it were for those meddling adults."

A Leela of Her Own
3ACV16 S04E10 NF04E03
1=20130908 20:38-21:00
2=20150924 23:17-23:37
2: Black bar generator.
2: "I win."
2: "To eBay." "That's a popular name today."
2: Tiny iota. Is that like episolon? :p

A Pharoah to Remember
3ACV17 S04E07 NF04E04
1=20130912 23:00-23:23
2=20150924 23:37-24:00
2: "Aw, you knew my favorite cause of death."
1: References Star Wars: "Call it a hunch, but I have a bad feeling about this."
2: "Abbott and Costello." "Also Wolfman."
2: It's the Australian guy from the episode "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back."
2: Elton John. Parody of "Benny and the Jets"
2: Haha. The writers blatantly mock the concept of religions and blindly following walls and such

Anthology of Interest II
3ACV18 S04E03 NF04E08
1=20130914 00:41-01:03
2=20150925 21:21-21:43
1: Bang bang bang. There... [he's tweaked it] [Now it tells plausibility up to some made-up unit]

I, Meatbag
2: The bread from the raccoon is "kind of gamy"
1: [Bender vomits] "Hooray! It's just like Mardi Gras."
1: Gross. "Nah, it's not working anymore." "Speak for yourself."
2: Hahaha. "Nah, it's not working anymore." "Speak for yourself."
2: HA! "Wooo!"

Raiders of the Lost Arcade
2: Planet Nintendu 64
2: Pac-Man. Waka-waka-waka.
1: Ha! "Invaders! Possibly from space!" (Space Invaders)
1: "Increase speed, drop down and reverse direction!"
1: Mrs. Pacman! Haha.
1: "Drop down and increase speed."
2: "Instead of shooting where I was, you should have been shooting where I was going to be!"

1: Lol. Parodies The Wizard of Oz (1939).
1: The NBC peacock.
2: "Do they come in women's?"
1: "Damn this DSL."
1: Lol. "I'm melting! Who would have thought a small amount of liquid would fall on meeeeee."
2: Hahaha. "A gun."
2: "There's no place like... I want to be a witch."

Roswell That Ends Well
3ACV19 S04E01 NF04E07
1=20130913 00:14-00:37
2=20150925 00:44-01:05
2: "Hey, what smells like blue?"
1: Lol. "Hey which crazy thing happening are you guys screaming about?"
2: A Felix the Cat clock.
2: Lol. A layer of ozone.
2: They travel back in time to 1947 and are the 1947 Roswell UFO incident.
2: Fading away like Greg Kinnear.
2: Mentions that Area 51 is where they're gonna fake the moon landing. And President Truman orders that NASA be created to actually land on the moon.
2: Haha. The picture of Truman is the spaceships and the one of Planet Express is the Loch Ness monster.

3ACV20 S04E08 NF04E05
1=20130912 23:23-23:46
2=20150925 00:00-00:21
2: Title is reference to Goodfellas.
2: Rotary dial.
2: He was fired when they were going at full speed, lol.
2: "Wow, ostentatious."
2: Why didn't any of the asteroids pelting him reduce his momentum?
2: Lordweiser.
2: When they get blown off. I realized that Bender has no atmosphere, so somehow these living creatures are able to live in a vacuum. Also, apparently Bender's mass is large enough to exert a gravitational force.
2: Haha. Ezekiel's Nasty House.
2: Bender doesn't know a lot of binary. Haha.
2: Bender mentions a computer that thinks he's God. Possibly a reference to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
1: "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."

Future Stock
3ACV21 S04E09 NF04E06
1=20130912 23:47-24:10
2=20150925 00:21-00:43
2: Scruffy has 40,000 shares (while everybody else has 10,000 shares) and the crazy lady has 1 share.
1: "pi"th avenue
2: A bike hits Calculon and he says "[...] you damn dirty ape!" Reference to Planet of the Apes.
1: Ha. A parody of the Apple Mac 1984 ad.
1: Ha. In the stock market ticketing, "FOX -61" (Futurama was still airing on Fox at this time)
2: "Cans of whoopass"
2: "I am Jor-El, master of scheduling"
2: "Pat Buchanan" "The ballots are confusing."
Before Fry begins speaking: PLNX 107
"That guy..." PLNX 114
"But some thing..." PLNX 99
"I learned..." PLNX 57
"People you..." PLNX 46
"You can't..." PLNX 28
"So I'm giving..." PLNX 107
"To a man..." PLNX 115
"Professor..." PLNX 150
"Hubert Farnsworth!" PLNX .03

30% Iron Chef
3ACV22 S04E11 NF04E09
1=20130914 01:09-01:32
2=20150925 21:43-22:04
2: Scale model of the tiniest bottle.
2: Haha. A wormhole.
1: "It only gets sick when I cook brunch."
1: Oh gross. Those shots.
1: Lol! They formed an acid.
2: Haha. "And this time I mean it."
2: "The Dark Side of Cooking [...]"
1: Hover Potatoes. (Like training Luke in Star Wars)
1: The accusing parlor. Ha.
2: The confession note is written on paper with Zoidberg's letterhead.
1: "Okay, but it seems like you're the one who killed him." Ha!
1: "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto."
1: Ha. Water and LSD.

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