Movie The Nutty Professor (1996)

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The Nutty Professor (1996) Tom Shadyac. 95 min [remake otfotsn (1963)]

Sherman Klump (Eddie Murphy)
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Buddy Love (Eddie Murphy)
Prior to watching the movie tonight, I thought I had seen it before. However, after finishing the movie, I'll assume that I've only seen parts of it before.

In any case, the movie had a decent story and was mildly entertaining. While some of the jokes fell flat and others were just mildly funny, the movie had some hilarious parts to it.

Carla Purty (Jada Pinkett)
Overall, I'd say you wouldn't miss out if you didn't see this movie, but it wouldn't be a waste of time to see it either. After all, Eddie Murphy plays the role of 7 different characters.

Instant Comments:
Lol. One switch for all the cages.

Papa Klump (Eddie Murphy)
Dinner table conversation. Haha.
Parodies Rocky (1976): Sherman runs up the steps at his university and celebrates.
I totally didn't remember that giant Sherman was just part of Sherman's dream.
The dream spoofs King Kong (1933) (1976) and Godzilla (1954).

Grandma Klump (Eddie Murphy)
"I can do stairs. I can do stairs. I'm the stairmaster!"
Hahaha. Buddy making fun of the comedian (Dave Chappelle).
Hahaha. "Hey Reggie, it's good."
Haha. More dinner conversation. "Sometimes when I'm alone, I relate to myself."

Reggie Warrington (Dave Chappelle)