Video Game Tomb Raider (PC) (1996)

Wow. This game is so old. I can understand why it was all the rage back when it was released, but I can't say that I enjoy the gaming experience.

In defense of the game itself, I am using a game controller and the emulator which Steam uses to run the game crashes whenever I switch windows. This bug wouldn't be a problem if I simply avoid switching windows, but it becomes an inconvenience.


Despite having to start over, today I decided to give the game another go.

Every animal attacked me. Bats, wolves, etc. Perhaps a player can make a no-kill run, but I'd suggest to anybody who hasn't played before to just kill everything in sight. Perhaps the introduction suggests this as the natural course of action because Lara is seen shooting some animals in self-defense during the cut scene.

When I finished the first level, the game reported the number of kills made, pickups found, secrets discovered, and level completion time.

I don't remember, but I suspect this was the reason the game crashed the second time yesterday: accidentally hitting the Windows key. My suspicion is built upon the fact that I purposely did not alt+tab after encountering the crash the first time.

After completing the second level of the game, City of Vilcabamba, I went to Lara's Home to go through part of the tutorial. I would have gone through more, but the game sped up and became unplayable. In any case, I got far enough in the tutorial to learn some tidbits: First, when walking (hold down the shift key), Lara will not fall off the edge. This can be used to get right onto the edge of a platform for a more comfortable running start. Second, when running towards the edge of the platform, and then pressing the alt key, Lara will automatically jump when she gets to the edge of the platform.

Steam Game Time: 107 minutes (total game time)

+ Great gameplay

~ Classic; experience where it all started

- Might be too old for modern play; consider instead the remake Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Tomb Raider (PC) (1996)

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