Video Game Beyond Good & Evil (PC) (2003)

Beyond Good & Evil (PC) (2003)

Jade (protagonist) swings her jō at an enemy.
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So I actually own this game for the Nintendo GameCube, but I never got around to playing more than just the introduction (probably twenty minutes of gameplay). I later acquired this version during the Steam Summer Sale 2012, but I didn't touch it until today.

The aliens have captured Jade.
Booting up the game, I set my screen to be smaller (24" 16:9) than its full size (27" 16:9). This made the game look sharper. However, I was still having problems with the video flickering and the audio lagging behind the video. After changing some options, I was able to go back to using the full size of my screen and have it look better than when I first loaded the game at full size.

I'm not sure which changes solved the problems, but I loaded the SettingsApplication.exe file located in "...\steamapps\common\Beyond Good and Evil\," changed the sound card from primary sound driver to speakers (ASUS xonar DGX audio device), kept the water detail high, and moved the shadow quality back down to low (the original setting).

Chasing an enemy via hovercraft.
I should also note that I made the mistake of increasing the refresh rate from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. After playing for a while, I felt dizzy and had a headache. When I realized the increased refresh rate was the cause of the problem, I reduced it back to 60 Hz.

Some Thoughts:
While the graphics aren't as stunning as the latest adventure games on the market, the game's visuals are enjoyable. Moreover, with overall game structure similar to The Legend of Zelda series (Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Wind Waker), I find myself focusing more on the game's story and fun over its visuals.

Taking pictures to earn a living.
With the premise that you need to make money, one game mechanic I enjoy is using the picture camera to take photos of different species for the Science Center. On the other hand, if i recall correctly, navigation of the world map in Beyond Good & Evil (by hovercraft) was difficult compared to navigation of the world map in Wind Waker (by boat).

Length of Gameplay:
According to the screenshots I took, I played the game for a total of 72 minutes (9:31 PM to 10:43 PM).

Steam: You've Played 84 minutes; Last Played 20130708.

Jade and Pey'j.

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