Movie Oldboy (2003)

Watched 20130412 (Netflix, Instant) (English audio, English subtitles)
Watched 20130603 (Netflix, Instant) (English audio, English subtitles)
Oldboy (2003) Chan-wook Park. 120 min [loosely bot Japanese manga otsn written by Garon Tsuchiya and illustrated by Nobuaki Minegishi]

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This South Korean thriller is about a man named Oh (surname) Dae-su (given name) who has been locked up for 15 years. He tells us about his time in captivity and we proceed to follow his quest for revenge. The story that follows is dark and twisted.

I would have preferred watching the movie with Korean audio, but unfortunately Netflix didn't have the Korean audio available. While the English dubbing was occasionally confusing, I still enjoyed the movie. Some of the themes in the movie reminded me of Momento.

Apparently an American remake directed by Spike Lee is due to be released later this year (October 11, 2013). While the ending will no longer be a surprise, I would still look forward to watching it.

I decided to watch parts of the movie again, as I had a hard time following the beginning of the movie the first time around. Just in case you might be confused, this is how the movie begins. We see Dae-su holding a man over the edge of a building by the man's tie and he proceeds to recall the events leading up to that moment. The story starts with him sitting in a police station waiting to be picked up. He seems to be intoxicated. Eventually someone comes to pick him up, but the next thing we know he's gone missing. He's been taken to some sort of prison and he talks about his experience there. In particular, he was never told how long he would have to stay in this prison, but the television in his room helps him keep track. After 15 years, he's released and he finds himself on a rooftop. This completes the events leading up to the scene we see at the beginning of the movie.

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