Swimming 20130310

My friend motivated me to come out and swim. Unfortunately, my goggles were at home and I didn't want to make the round trip to my apartment and back to my office. As such, I just went swimming without goggles. Opening my eyes underwater was doable but inconvenient.

Each lap is 50 yards.
I did 11 laps in 14 minutes time.
Took one or two minutes to talk.
Resumed swimming and did 9 laps in under 11 minutes time. That's at least an average of 41 yards per minute
Finally I did 4 laps cooldown in exactly 5 minutes time. That's an average of 40 yards per minute.

Perhaps more relevant, is starting the workout doing 1 lap in a minute and starting the next lap on 1:15 or 1:30. Then near the end of the workout, I increased the lap speed to 1 lap in 50 seconds and starting the next on 1:00 or 1:15. I think the last lap I did in 45 seconds. Finally, I swim the cooldown laps nice and easy, doing each lap in about 1:15 and going right from one lap to the next.

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