Video Game Path of Exile (PC) (2013)

Path of Exile (PC) (2013)

The Maurader
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Path of Exile is a free-to-play online action RPG. Starting with a couple items and skills, defeat enemies in order to level up and find loot. Using a bartering system for goods, you can trade your loot to in-game merchants or with other players.

The Witch - getting started.
Going deeper into some gameplay mechanics, weapons and equipment have slots for gems that can be found, collected via quests, or bought. These gems provide various abilities and stats, so weapons and equipment with more slots are more valuable.

In addition to the item system, Path of Exile also implements a huge skill tree system. While each possible class (there are seven* to choose from) starts at a different place in the tree, a player can spend his/her skill points however he/she wishes.

*If I remember correctly there were only six when I was playing in 2013.

The Witch - admiring the view
More specifically, there are three attributes in Path of Exile: strength, dexterity, and intelligence. Three of the classes start at the core of an attribute: Marauder (str), Ranger (dex), and Witch (int). Three of the classes start in between these attributes: Duelist (str/dex), Shadow (dex/int), and Templar (int/str). The last class is in the center: Scion (str/dex/int).

I really enjoyed the time I spent playing Path of Exile. For a game that's free-to-play (and not pay-to-win), Path of Exile has excellent graphics, a rewarding loot system, and well-designed, complex skill tree.

The Witch - attacking a necromancer
While there may be some input lag (at least back when I was trying the game), I still definitely enjoyed the combat.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the game to others. Honestly, the only reason I stopped playing was I just didn't have the time to play it.

20130206: [20150502]
The first character I create is a Marauder. Using my screenshot record, I created him around 2:30AM ET and (possibly) play with him until about 4:00AM ET.

The Templar
20130208: [20150502]
The second character I create is a Ranger. Again using my screenshot record, I created her at around 11:00PM ET and (possibly) play with her until about 20130209 1:45AM ET. It also seems that I was playing for a little bit with my friend Matt (he was also playing a Ranger).

20130209: (Afternoon) [20150502]
The third character I create is a Witch. Again using my screenshot record, I created her at around 11:45AM ET and almost definite game time on her from 11:45AM ET to 12:00PM ET and from 1:47PM ET to 4:34PM ET, with the last screenshot showing her entering Prisoner's Gate (level 11 monsters).

The Ranger
20130209: (Evening) [20150502]
The fourth character I create is a Templar - at around 7:15PM ET. However, while I created him today, there are no screenshot records of playing him until 11:15PM ET the next day. However, the first such screenshot is with him in The Upper Submerged Passage (level 6 monsters). In other words, I most likely played with him today for at least an hour.

20130210: [20150502]
As mentioned above, there are screenshots showing game time on my Templar character from 11:15PM ET to 20130211 1:33AM ET. The last screenshot shows the character talking to Captain Fairgraves in The Ship Graveyard (level 12 monsters, past Prisoner's Gate).

The Witch - standing on a bunch of corpses
20130218: [20150502]
Screenshots suggest I played on my Witch character for at least an hour.

20130224: [20150502]
There is a screenshot of my Witch character.

20130303: [20150502]
The last of the screenshots suggest at least another hour of game time on my Witch character.

Passive Skill Tree - zoomed in
Today I create a new character (because it's been so long that I wanted to play from the beginning with a new character) at 1:15PM PT. I decided to create a Shadow and call him Naissuag (backwards for Gaussian). I played, with occasional downtime to look at various PoE resources, until 9:30PM PT. Personally I plan to use this Shadow Skill Tree as a guideline. It comes from this Shadow Build.

As I play, I make some option changes:
Always Highlight: checked.
Always Show Socket: checked.
Join Global Chat: unchecked.
Join Trade Chat: unchecked.

The Shadow - talking to Nessa, an NPC
Things I Began to Remember:
Use flasks, as they will refill as you are in combat. They do not empty completely either, so don't be afraid to use them.
Stash is shared across all characters in your account.
Most areas have a waypoint to quickly travel from one area to another.
It's important to check the enemy's resistances.

About the Game:
+ Good voicework (in most - if not all - situations, you can scroll all the way down through the text and leave, but the voiceover will continue).
+ Good graphics (environment, water, player model) and story.
+ Well-designed map
+ Free to play and not pay to win.

The Shadow - using a bunch of fire traps (against a necromancer)
+ Easy to join a party (look on the noticeboards).
+ Can pay for cosmetic changes.
+ The armor worn is directly reflected on the character model.
+ There are many resources available online such as a skill tree planner and player builds.
~ Stash tabs are reasonably priced (wait for the Stash Tab Bundle or Premium Stash Tab Bundle to go on sale)
- Trading system (recipes) takes time to learn.

Selling some inventory.
- A player can only undo a point in the skill tree with respecification points. On that note, one cannot reset the entire tree. Thus, players must either be careful from the start with respect to the skill tree or simply create a new character.
- Cosmetic changes cost a lot.

Learning to Trade:
Normal item with quality at 20% (Armour, Weapon, Flask, Map, Skill Gem)
Item quality of the same type (Armour, Weapon, Flask, Map, Skill Gem) that adds up to 40%
There are various ring/amulet recipes, so pick up all rings and amulets.

The Witch
Flasks can be combined. Life+Mana=Hybrid, X Flask x 3 = X Flask of Next Size (e.g. three Small Life Flasks will combine to make one Medium Life Flask). Take the lowest item level of all components.
Combining rarities of the same base item type (normal, magic, rare) (save the unidentified ones, see next line)
Combining rarities of the same base item type, if the magic and rare items are unidentified, then you get two Orbs of Augmentation instead of one.

Useful Links:
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Vender Recipe System (Path of Exile Wiki)
Noperative's Beginner's Guide to Path of Exile

Passive Skill Tree - zoomed out
Summary of My Characters:*
Lvl Class_ Name
005 Maurad Otwencaas (backwards for (I)saac Newto(n))
010 Ranger Doohnibor (backwards for Robin Hood)
016 Witch_ Uoylliki (backwards for I kill you)
013 Templa Gniogteg (backwards for Get Going)
013 Shadow Naissuag (backwards for Gaussian)
*All the characters are Standard League.

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