Video Game Sideway: New York (PC) (2011)

Sideway: New York (PC) (2011)

First boss. He's on the platform. Fume in blue and Nox in red.

I played this game once or twice before, but apparently only for less than fifteen minutes. While I'd be suspicious of this, due to the fact that Steam inaccurately determined gameplay time on 20130103, I also only beat the first level, so how much time could I have possibly spent playing. I remember liking the music.

Screenshots go from 2:36PM ET to 2:44PM ET.

Today, I played through a good portion of the game with Chris (we beat Projects 2, the 10th out of 16 levels). We played for about an hour and fifteen minutes, but Steam only counted 27 minutes of gameplay.

Chris played as Nox, the protagonist, and I was Fume, the character that assists Nox throughout Sideway. As Chris was the main character, the camera would focus on him, unless he died and I was alive, then the camera would focus on me. Thus, if he got far ahead, Fume would get teleported to Nox's position. If I got far ahead, I would have to wait for Chris to catch up anyways.

As the game progresses, it gives you some power-ups, typically because the level somehow requires the power-up to progress.

Second boss fight.

Tip: Certain monsters require you to slide into them, some have to be kicked twice from above, some you can only defeat with paint blast, some will detonate after being touched.

Tip: Graffiti images of vines and plants are instant death and annoying, because they can be on the walls, but blend in and are often unnoticeable until its too late. One plus, however, is the game spreads an abundant number of checkpoints throughout each level. It was convenient to play with two players, because if one of us hit the vines, the other typically had time to react to it.

Note: Water is also hazardous to touch.

Tip: You can typically get away with spamming your "mana," because monsters will often drop "mana" or health.

The game only has about three different tracks that repeat over and over. Nevertheless, the music is catchy and good. It's good enough that while I would have preferred an abundant number of tracks, I didn't mind listening to the same tracks over and over again. Of course, the game would have been better if there were more tracks.

The first boss has met his end.
Tip: When you lose a boss fight, Fume will give you a hint on how to beat the boss.

I suppose a more disappointing factor was that the game had a story of which wasn't much of a story and half was just told in text, namely the conversations between Nox and Fume. I agree with Chris in the opinion that the conversations would have benefited from voice acting. One example where voice acting was well-done is for the conversations in the video game Sequence (2011). One example of a platformer where the story was interesting and simple, yet engaging is Super Meat Boy (2010). Finally, one example of a great series, but little to no story is the Super Mario series. Your sole motivation is that the princess was captured and now Mario must rescue her. As a side note, there has been one occasion on which Peach had to save Mario: Super Princess Peach (NDS).

Overall, the game is short and simple. The level design of turning around walls and changing your point of view is interesting at first, but the novelty wears off and the game is not as fun as a pure 2D platformer. If you have it, then you might as well try playing it. If you don't have it, then you're not missing out.

Beginning of the game.

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