Movie Lost in Translation (2003)

Partially watched once before.
Watched 20130122 (Netflix, Instant, HD)
Lost in Translation (2003) Sofia Coppola. 101 min.

After a long night of hanging out.

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I like the relationship that Bill Murray's character and Scarlett Johansson's character share in the movie. I don't entirely know what it consists of, but mostly shared fun and loneliness.

I'm glad that despite not finishing this movie many years ago, I decided to pick it up and finish it today.

Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola's father, is the executive producer.
Filmed entirely on location.
Hehe, after the credits are done rolling, we see the one girl from the movie waving hello/goodbye.

Bill Murray making people laugh in the waiting room.

Instant Comments:
Nice butt. :)
Scarlett Johansson is so pretty.
Giovanni Ribisi
"He want you to turn and look in camera." "That's all he said?"
"Right side, with intensity."
"Slower, and more intensity."
Haha. "Rip my stocking." That scene is ridiculous. Hahaha. "Let me go."
That photo shoot was pretty funny.
He still has the clips on his back!
OMG! The machine was going so fast! "Help!" Haha. Hahaha.
I don't think I watched as far as 45 minutes into the movie the first time. In fact, I probably watched at most to the 40 minute mark, but probably only watched to the 30 minute mark.
That was good.

Scarlett Johansson looking cute as she's angry.