Movie FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992)

Watched 20130130 (Netflix, Instant)
FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) Bill Kroyer. 76 min

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I must have seen bits and pieces of this movie before, and its possible I've seen the entire film as a kid. But after just finishing the movie, I can't say I remember ever watching the movie all the way through before today. In any case, the first thing I have to say is this movie might share some elements with Avatar (2009), but there's no evidence that Avatar is a FernGully rip off. There are several reasons why plot elements may be shared between movies. For example, perhaps they happen to be based on the same real-life issues or stories. Another reason is that, in fact, the later movie was influenced or inspired by the first, which I find perfectly acceptable. At the other extreme, simply taking a movie and plainly switching out characters and settings without being dubbed a remake would be unacceptable.

While there is gray area in between, Avatar has much more in common with Dances with Wolves (1990) than with FernGully. So my opinion is that Avatar most likely did not rip off FernGully, and if it did, then it did a great job with turning a below average animation into a spectacular blockbuster.

Overall, I considered the animation quality below Disney average and the story to be quite simple. Of course, there's nothing wrong with simple, a good children's movie needs to be simple. I like Robin William's character Batty and the humor which the character brings to the movie. In the end, I'd say if you have kids, then watch it with them, otherwise, your time is better spent watching Avatar (2009).

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Haha. Is that Robin Williams? It is!
"Delicious and nutritious, tastes just like chicken."
"We're going in full throttle, that oughta keep those Rebel fighters off our tale."
"Red leader, red leader."