Movie The Conversation (1974)

Watched 20130118 (Netflix, Instant)
The Conversation (1974) Francis Ford Coppola. 113 min

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To be honest, the movie's title led me to believe the movie would be centered around a linear, though interesting, conversation. I'm thinking something along the lines of the movie Conversations with Other Women (2005) starring Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart, which by the way is a movie I absolutely loved. However, it turned out this movie is a mystery/thriller and is non-linear with respect to "the conversation."

Note: Sometimes I would re-watch a scene with the English subtitles turned on.

If it wasn't so early in the morning, I'd watch the movie again, as knowing the ending will completely change how you watch it the second time, like The Usual Suspects (1999). Unless someone has spoiled the ending before you even saw the movie, then it'll change how you watch the movie on your first viewing [such will be my relationship with Sixth Sense (1999)].

Note that Gene Hackman also starred in another movie about privacy two decades later called Enemy of the State (1998). I watched it many years ago on television vaguely remember the overall plot. However, I should watch it again, as I recall missing the beginning of the film and I heard it references The Conversation.

Overall, if you love watching thrillers, I recommend you watch this movie.

Instant Comments:
The director's assistant is Harrison Ford! (~28 min) This is three years before his role as Han Solo in Star Wars. In any case, at this point in the movie, I find the movie quite intriguing. The title of the movie led me to believe the movie would focus all on sounds, but there's actually a lot of visual action taking place and the story is deeper than just a conversation. So far the movie heavily centers on understanding Gene Hackman's character Harry Caul, who thus far is shown to be very concerned about his privacy. I suppose many people in his line of business would be.

Note: In the one scene there's a close up of Harrison Ford's face and I noticed him having a scar. I never realized he had one until then.

I only recognized John Cazale's face as familiar when we see him at around 48. The other movie I've seen him in is Dog Day Afternoon (1975).

Before the one hour mark, Harrison Ford says, "Take it easy."

At the one hour mark, there's something special about the way the actress say "How would I know he loved me." I like that line. Perhaps the background music sets the mood as well.

At the one hour and twenty minute mark: "BITCH."

I love thrillers. And this is a great one. After watching this movie and thinking of other great thrillers I think of Rear Window (1954) and Memento (2000).

I love the way the movie ended.