Movie Collateral (2004)

Watched 20130116 (DVD)
Collateral (2004) Michael Mann. 120 min

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This movie starts off well and I'm not so satisfied by the ending. That is, the pieces are great but the transition to the conclusion didn't click for me. On a positive note, both Foxx and Cruise put on great performances. Though I thought Foxx looked strange with mustache.

We watched the coyote scene again to double check that there were two coyotes. The first passes by real quick. We had ideas to what the scene might have meant, but we didn't make any definite conclusions.

Overall, I thought the movie was good, but I probably wouldn't watch it again. I can't pinpoint why other than the general feeling that it just wasn't appealing. I could only recommend the movie if you're looking for a decent thriller or enjoy either Tom Cruise or Jamie Foxx.

Not related to the movie, Josh and I started discussing the surname Foxx. According to, Jamie Foxx chose his surname in tribute to comedian Redd Foxx who in turn chose his surname from baseball star Jimmie Foxx whose surname is not a stage name.