Movie Batman: Year One (2011)

Watched 20130121 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched 20131202 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20131217)
Batman: Year One (2011) Sam Liu, Lauren Montgomery. 64 min [bot four-issue story arc Batman: Year One by Frank Miller]

Classic stare.
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20130121: [20151013 Edit]
I like this take on Batman's beginnings, though the movie doesn't go into his background and training the way Batman Begins (2005) does. Instead, it closely follows his trial-and-error phase. It also puts great emphasis on James Gordon's introduction to Gotham and follows his endeavors to clean up the city.

James Gordon. I like what he says during this scene.
Both Batman: Year One and Batman Begins end with a reference to a criminal on the loose calling himself The Joker.

I most certainly recommend this movie for anyone who loves Batman. Also, if you like action movies, then I should mention it's also a great action movie.

Instant Comments:
Huh. Metropolis is about 60 miles away.
Lt. Gordon is such a badass here.
Huh. They came out of watching The Mark of Zorro.

Trading blows. Bruce deals one.
The idea of exhibits A, B, and C being so different reminds me of Batman: Gotham Knight (2008). Regardless of which account is real, all accounts instill fear.
Harvey Dent at the 29 minute mark. Oh snaps.
I like how early Batman is portrayed as more vulnerable.
We learn the identity of the woman Batman was fighting at the 33 minute mark.
Haha. An entire unit can't shoot him down.
::gasp:: bad Gordon
Oh snaps. Awesome action sequence. Starting with Gordon making the u-turn.

Gordon in front of sketches B and C.
Captain Gordon.
Hehe, and not surprisingly a mention of the Joker by the end.

20131202: [20151013 Edit]
This movie was exciting to watch and the story wa well told.

Possibly my favorite scene in the movie is when Gordon gets beat (but not quite beat).

Instant Comments:
It's a comb.

Trading blows. Bruce takes one.
"I was taught to handle worse than this. But then... [grunts] It's been a while."
So corrupt. "Jeez Eddie, why'd you shoot, he didn't move." "He was going to."
"Scum maybe, but even scum have families."
Metropolis 75
"It's been years since I had to take out a Green Beret. Even so, he deserves a handicap." Tosses Flass the baseball bat and fights.
Smart, hit the guy holding onto your friend.
Says "I can't see a thing." Keeps driving anyway.