Movie The Aristocats (1970)

I've seen this movie so many times as both a kid and an adult. In fact, I own the DVD! But watching the film on Netflix is convenient and I realized I can take a screenshot or two to fill the page.

Marie (Liz English), Toulouse (Gary Dubin), and Berlioz (Dean Clark)
I love the music in this movie and I love the classic Disney animation. The movies shares plot elements with Disney's Lady and the Tramp (1955), but replacing dogs with cats. Though the romance between the protagonists is a bit more straightforward and doesn't happen over a love song.

Instant Comments:
"Could we take the elevator this time sir?"
He kisses Duchess's tail.
"Because I'm a lady, that's why." "You're not a lady." "You're nothing but a sister."
Ha. "Mama, he did it again."

O'Malley (Phil Harris) and Toulouse
Oh I don't think I ever noticed how Toulouse finishes one of Berlioz's musical phrases.
I like the occasional scratchiness around the edges when a character is in motion.
"Wait a minute, I'm the leader..."
Hehe, I love that chase seen.
Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley
Toulouse really gets into O'Malley's song.
"Aloha, auf wiedersehen, bon soir, sayonara, and all those good bye things."
These geese... haha. "Don't do that!"
"Don't worry about form." "It'll come later."

Duchess (Eva Gabor)
Ha. "Hiya chicks." "We're not chickens, we're geese." "No... I thought you were swans."
"Yes dear, think goose."
"Warm... and cozy." Ha.
"Everybody wants to be a cat."
"Fortune cookie always wrong."
"Groovy momma, groovy."

Watched several times before.
Watched 20130122 (Netflix, Instant, HD)
The Aristocats (1970) Wolfgang Reitherman. 78 min

Scat Cat (trumpet, Scatman Crothers), Shun Gon (piano, Paul Winchell), Hit Cat (guitar, Lord Tim Hudson), Peppo (accordion, Vito Scotti), Billy Bass (bass, Thurl Ravenscroft)
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