Video Game Castle Crashers (PC) (2012)

Castle Crashers (PC) (2012)
Released on Xbox Live Arcade 2008.

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This game was released for the Xbox 360 back in 2008, but not owning an Xbox, I didn't know about the game until its recent release on Steam.

In the morning I played as the Blue Knight with a friend who played as the Red Knight. When she left, I played with another friend as the Red Knight and at first he played as the Orange Knight, but then later he switched to the Gray Knight.

Tip: If you're using the keyboard, look up the key mappings, because the game only gives controls using Xbox controller keys.

Note: The character sprints after pressing left or right. You will see a dust trail.

While playing with my second friend, the bandwidth at my home was being used elsewhere in the house and the game deals with lag by having all the players wait until the player with the lag to catch up. Eventually this made the game unplayable and we had to end the multiplayer session.

Note: Swords you have picked up are sent to the blacksmith. Pets you have picked up are sent to someone too.

Note: The game starts you off in a castle where all the tutorials are. You can access this area any time by going to Home Castle from the map screen. Once in the level, walk left.

Note: The game saves when you return to the map screen. In fact, I played a round with my second friend where our multiplayer game was disbanded before I made my skill point assignments. When I recreated a multiplayer game, I was able to assign my skill points.

Later in the afternoon I continued playing with the Red Knight and my friend he changed to leveling the Blue Knight. However, we got to the guy that plays the cannon organ couldn't beat him. It's possible my friend's lower level character was an obstacle.

As of 20130124:
1) Last played 20130113.
2) 0.9 hrs last two weeks / 15.6 hrs on record

Today I booted up the game and the video was behaving sluggishly but I didn't know why. Eventually, I discovered the cause was due to an old x360ce configuration file. After removing the x360ce setup, the game was able to boot and run smoothly.

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